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I have a personal Zoom account using my umich.edu email and I want to migrate to the U-M account. However, I am being blocked due to an outstanding balance I owe to Zoom. How can I pay this balance if I cannot log in to my account?


  1. Search your email to find the most recent invoice from Zoom. You will need the following information from the invoice:
    • Account number (numeric account identifier--not your email address)
    • Invoice number (starts with INV followed by numbers)
  2. Navigate to https://zoom.us/paynow
  3. Enter your invoice number and account number
  4. Click I am not a robot (reCAPTCHA)
  5. Click Continue
    • DO NOT click Sign in to pay
  6. Complete the payment

Additional Information

Can't find your account number and/or invoice number?

  1. Send an email to support@zoom.us and paste the following text EXACTLY in the body:
    I have a paid personal account and I am attempting to migrate to the University of Michigan Zoom account, but I am being blocked from migrating because I have an outstanding balance to pay to Zoom. I cannot log in to pay this myself because SSO is forced on the umich domain, but I can't log in with SSO because of this outstanding balance. Please see internal Zoom information about this issue in ticket #9775451. I do not know my account ID or invoice number. Can you please provide this information so that I can pay using https://zoom.us/paynow?
  2. Ignore the auto-response that tells you that the email address will soon be deprecated. So long as the response includes the phrase, "Your request has been received," you will receive a response from Zoom.
  3. If "AISera Zoom" responds without providing the account ID or invoice number, respond to the email with the following text:
    I still need help. Please pass my ticket to a human in Zoom Billing.
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