Zoom: Screen Share from Main Room to All Breakout Rooms




How do I share my screen from the main room to all breakout rooms in a Zoom meeting?



  • Only the host and co-hosts can share their screens from the main room to all breakout rooms


  1. Open breakout rooms
  2. Click Share Screen in the meeting controls
  3. Select the screen sharing option you would like to use (i.e. the application, desktop screen, file, etc)
  4. Check the box at the bottom of the screen sharing window Share to breakout rooms. The option should be beside Optimize for video clip
    1. Don't see Share to breakout rooms? Refer to Additional Information below for troubleshooting help
  5. Click Share in the pop-up that appears, if applicable. If no pop-up appears, you may have previously selected Don't show this again on the pop-up
    • The text of the pop-up is as follows: Share screen to all breakout rooms. Your screen will be shared in the main session and in all breakout rooms. Your video and audio will not be shared with Breakout Rooms. Screens that others are sharing in the rooms will be stopped. Options to click are Cancel or Share
      Share screen to all breakout rooms pop-up

Additional Information


Not seeing the option to share your screen to all breakout rooms?

  • Make sure you are the host or co-host: click Participants and check that (Host, me) or (Cohost, me) shows next to your name. If it doesn't, you need to be made a host or co-host in order to share
  • Make sure breakout rooms are open: if breakout rooms aren't open, you won't see the option to share your screen to them

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