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MiVideo and other content in Canvas will not load when third party cookies are blocked in the browser. This article provides information to adjust browser settings to allow the content to load.
This document will instruct users on how to delete media from their My Media gallery in MiVideo.
Help understand Kaltura Express Capture, which provides webcam and audio recording directly from within a web browser without the installation of additional software.
This document will instruct users on how to remove media from a playlist within My Media in MiVideo. Media removed from the playlist will remain in the channel/gallery and My Media.
This video offers a way to fix caption timings with a text transcript sync in MiVideo, which is usually a quick and easy way to fix captions issues.
This document will guide you through the steps to create and configure additional MCommunity groups as needed to make it easier to manage users in Mediaspace.
How to edit a channel in MediaSpace.