Zoom Can't Join Meeting: Update Required, Contact IT




I tried to join a Zoom Meeting or Webinar and got an error: Update Required, Your app version needs to be [version number] or higher to join this meeting. Please contact your IT team to update your app.

Update Required notice with a close button and a blue button labeled Join From Browser


To join this meeting or webinar, you must either update your Zoom app OR join from the browser.

  • RECOMMENDED: Update your app, then try to join the meeting or webinar again
    • Most users should be able to update their app on their own, without contacting IT. The message shown regarding contacting IT is a standard Zoom message that cannot be customized with U-M instructions.
  • ALTERNATIVE: Join from your browser by clicking the Join from browser link

Additional Information

  • Older apps are less secure and also are missing many critical features that people need for teaching, learning, and research at U-M, such as the ability to self-select breakout rooms, suspend participant activities, etc.
  • U-M requires a minimum client version to increase security and minimize confusion and issues with missing features in old apps.
  • The minimum client version applies to anyone joining U-M Zoom Meetings or Webinars, including external guests.
  • This minimum client version is regularly updated as new versions are released and is usually kept between 2-5 minor versions behind the latest version from Zoom.
  • The version currently being required can be referenced on the U-M Zoom ITS website (yellow box).


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Wed 3/3/21 3:13 PM
Thu 6/10/21 4:43 PM