“Add Deskset” Option in Service Request System (SRS)

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Zoom Phone, “Add Deskset” module in SRS - Service Request System


Individuals are using “Add Deskset” in the SRS and would like clarification on the process flow.

Some are unclear about when the desk set will be installed after their order is placed or what exactly the “Add Deskset” option in SRS signifies for their phone setup.


  • “Add Deskset” is an option connected to the Zoom Phone Project workflow.
  • “Add Deskset” only applies to people who have transitioned to softphone only and are now wanting a deskset
  • “Add Deskset” is only available to authorized individuals inside of SRS
    • Individuals who have not been authorized must work with authorized staff in their department
    • These are often the Unit Ambassadors ,  SRS submitters, or other authorized SRS users.
  • When an authorized person requests a deskset using “Add Deskset” as a separate app inside of SRS,  their request will be processed as a typical SRS order and they will be contacted by the Telecommunications Analysts (TAs) to schedule the deskset delivery. 
    • There is a six month window for ordering a deskset after an individual’s Zoom Phone transition date. 
    • See Using Add Deskset App for an explanation of the dates.
  • Deskset order submissions through the TURF (Telephone Upgrade Request Form) will be processed Building by building.
    • Individuals may wait for some time after ordering before receiving their deskset.
    • Desksets will be installed by campus and then by building
    • Deskset delivery and installation will occur according to the project calendar that will be posted on the project site.​​​​​​​

Additional Information

Certain individuals received an email letting them know they may use “Add Deskset”

Information on “Add Deskset” is available here: Using Add Deskset App

Information on “Deskset rollout” is available on the project site

The deskset (Poly VVX 250) is described in Zoom Phone Equipment

Contact zoomphonehelp@umich.edu for questions related to Zoom Phone.

Need additional information or assistance? Contact the ITS Service Center.

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