How to join a Zoom meeting as a Student or Participant


Zoom Participants


How do I join a Zoom meeting?


  • You should receive a link in email for the meeting. Click the link to get to the meeting. (If you have not received a link, contact your instructor or collaborator.)
  • If this is your first time using Zoom, you will be prompted to install Zoom. Follow the onscreen instructions to install Zoom on your computer. 
  • Once Zoom is installed, it will automatically open and bring you to the Course Meeting Room. If the meeting has not started yet, you may get a waiting room or a message that the meeting has not started.
  • Once the meeting has started you will get an option to "Join Audio Conference By Computer." Click this to start the meeting.
  • If the instructor has allowed it, you will have an option to share your video as well. (You should ask the instructor if this is needed for the session if you are unsure.) The controls for this and the Audio will be in the lower left corner of the meeting screen.

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