mFile Retirement Project


AFS, mFile


mFile was retired on May 2nd 2022.


General Information

  • mFile was a graphical user interface used to access AFS (Andrew File Service) over the web
    • AFS is not being retired at this time
    • Other methods to access AFS will remain, including SFTP, SSH, Campus Computing Sites
  • Why was it retired?
    • Outdated and aging service that was originally introduced in 1998, and last updated in 2009
  • ITS is working towards retiring Cosign
    • mFile relied on Cosign in a unique way that prevented a switch to Shibboleth 

Alternative methods to access AFS

Cyberduck or WinSCP are recommended for most people when accessing AFS space. Both are SFTP clients and require a desktop application. 

See the mFile Retirement website and AFS support documentation for more information to get started with Cyberduck or WinSCP. AFS can be accessed via other methods as well, including in person at a Campus Computing Site, remotely using Virtual Sites or MiDesktop, and other ITS and CAEN services.

Additional Information

Other Storage Options

While AFS space will continue to be available, customers may wish to move to another storage service. For example, transfer files to U-M DropboxMiStorage, or U-M Google Drive to continue to access files using a web browser. Not all storage uses are candidates to move to other services. Visit the Data Storage Finder to determine the best storage options for various data types, sharing needs, and other specifications.

Need additional information or assistance? Contact the ITS Service Center.


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