Link U-M Dropbox and Personal Dropbox Accounts Using the Dropbox Desktop App


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Can I have more than one Dropbox account in the desktop application?  


You can have your U-M Dropbox and one personal account, if they are linked.

  • A linked personal account in Dropbox needs to be re-linked / re-added every time the computer is rebooted
  • Link the account via the web client as opposed to the app. Instructions are under "How to link a personal account to your U-M Dropbox account" below

NOTE: It is always best to log in to a U-M Dropbox account first, before trying to log in to a personal Dropbox account. You can only have multiple accounts in the desktop application by linking accounts.

If the Dropbox desktop application is logged in using a personal account, you must log out before doing the following steps.

Link a personal account to your U-M Dropbox account

  1. Go to in a browser
  2. At the top right, click your initials > Settings
  3. On the Settings > General tab, click "Link accounts"
  4. Follow on-screen instructions to log in to the personal Dropbox Account
  5. Once you are successfully logged in, you will see your personal account initials at the top right, click your initials then "switch" to your U-M account by click at the bottom of the menu

Log in to the Dropbox desktop application with linked accounts

***Verify that in your browser you are logged in to your U-M Dropbox account, not personal account***

  1. If you are already logged in to the desktop application using a personal account, log out:
    1. Open the Dropbox desktop client
    2. Go to Preferences 
    3. Click Account
    4. Choose the Personal Account, then click the "sign out" button
  2. The Dropbox desktop client will pop open again
  3. Log in to your U-M Dropbox account
    1. At the Dropbox login screen, enter your U-M email address (you will not enter your password yet)
    2. Once you type in your email address, the login screen will change and prompt you to get a link code
    3. Click the "Get your link code" button
      1. If the link code webpage does not open verify that you have a default browser set in your computer settings
      2. If you are logged in to the personal account in your browser, the "link code" may not work
    4. Authenticate with your U-M account if needed (including Duo)
    5. Browser window will open with a code
    6. Copy and paste the code into the Dropbox client
    7. Click Next
    8. Leave "Let my admin manage" checked, then click Next
    9. In the desktop application, click "Now add your personal Dropbox"
    10. Enter the email address and password for the personal Dropbox account, click login (if the customer has their own 2FA, they will enter that)
    11. Click Next to complete the desktop application setup, it will close (not say "Done" etc)
  4. You should now see two Dropbox folders on your computer (Windows File Explorer or Mac - Finder).
    • Dropbox (Personal)
    • Dropbox (University of Michigan) 
  5. In the desktop application, click on your initials to switch between accounts

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