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How to use Dropbox File Request which allows collaborators to share files into a specific U-M Dropbox folder.


To allow collaborators to submit files to a U-M Dropbox folder using Dropbox File Request:

  1. Create a folder to store files/submissions.
  2. Highlight/click the folder, click the three-dots icon, and select Request Files -OR- while inside the folder, at the top of the contents list, click the three-dots icon and select Request Files
  3. Enter a Title and Description for the File Request. (These will be seen by anyone who can view the Request.)
  4. Click Change folder under "Folder for uploaded files" to change the folder you want to use for the submissions. (Who can see the folder will be listed under the box displaying the folder name.)
  5. Check the "Set a deadline" box if you wish for the Request to "expire."
  6. Click Create.
  7. On the next window you can Share the file request via email and/or link:
  • TO: Enter email addresses (can be non-UM and non-Dropbox accounts).
  • ADD A MESSAGE: This is optional - you can explain the Request.
  • COPY BUTTON: Copy the link and send using your own methods.
  • DONE: Clicking Done will not send the email to recipients but the link will still work.
  • SHARE: Clicking Share will send the email to recipients and the link will also work.

Alternatively, you can create a new File Request from the File requests page located in the left navigation.

  1. Select File requests from the left navigation.
  2. Click New request on the right of the page.
  3. Complete steps 3 through 7 listed above.


  • There is also an option in Dropbox to email a file to a folder.
  • People who submit files will NOT be able to see the folder or the contents of the folder.
  • Dropbox File Request DOES NOT require a Dropbox account.
  • Dropbox File Request DOES require you to provide a name and email address when submitting. (The submitted file is labeled with first/last name. The email address will not appear.)
  • Dropbox File Request DOES work for subfolders in Team Folders.

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