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This article explains why one person may notice a different name of a shared folder than another person in U-M Dropbox.
This article provides information regarding why you may not be able to edit files on the Dropbox website.
This article explains what may be happening when a user has shared a folder with an MCommunity group, and the group members cannot access the folder despite receiving an email invite.
This article explains that selective sync is a feature in the Dropbox desktop app that lets you choose folders to remove from your hard drive so you can save space on your computer. The folders you choose to remove from your hard drive remain stored in your account on
This article provides additional information on the "Dropbox to Email" feature in U-M Dropbox.
This article provides troubleshooting for how to resolve issues with missing Dropbox folders in Mac Finder/Windows File Explorer via the Dropbox desktop app.
This article explains the differences between Dropbox Selective Sync and Smart Sync.
This article explains what happens when you try to share a file/folder in U-M Dropbox with large MCommunity groups.