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This article provides information on how to use the File Request feature in U-M Dropbox to request files/folders from collaborators.



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How do I use Dropbox File Request to allow collaborators to share files to a specific U-M Dropbox folder?


Refer to the Dropbox Help Center to learn more about allowing collaborators to submit files to a folder using Dropbox File Request.

The article includes information on:

  • How to create a file request
    • You have three options to send a File Request:
      • Send the File Request link as an email
      • Copy the File Request link
      • Copy an email address you can send to collaborators to ask them to email their attachments to the link
  • How to edit a file request
  • How to close a file request

Important things to note:

  • The File Request title and description you enter are viewable by anyone who has access to the File Request.
  • In the "Share file request" dialog box, entering an email in the To: field and clicking the Done button will not send the File Request email to recipients. You must click Send for it to send them an email notification.
  • Collaborators who submit files will not be able to view the folder or its contents in Dropbox.
    • Unless they are shared directly on the File Request folder.
  • Collaborators do not need a Dropbox account to submit files.
  • Collaborators are required to provide a name and email address when submitting files to the File Request.
    • The submitted file is labeled with their first and last name in your account. The email address will not appear on the file.
  • You can use existing folders as a destination when creating a File Request.
    • This includes subfolders within Team Folders. However, you can't use the parent-level Team Folder as a destination.
  • You can upload ZIP folders via File Request.
  • There is a file size limit of 50GB for each File Request submission.
    • However, remember that if the File Request is in your individual account (and not a Team Folder), you need to be careful not to exceed your 5TB storage limit.

Additional Information

There is also an option in Dropbox to email a file to a folder that does not require using File Request.

Need additional information or assistance? Contact the ITS Service Center.



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