Why is "shared-drive-manager@umich.edu" a Manager of my Google Shared Drive?


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Why is "shared-drive-manager@umich.edu" (Shared Drive Manager) a Manager of my Google shared drive? Can I remove it?


The ITS Shared Drive Manager (shared-drive-manager@umich.edu) is added to all U-M Google shared drives and is necessary for lifecycle management of the environment. This includes the ability to enumerate the ownership (i.e., Managers) and space used for shared drives. This information is used to ensure every shared drive has eligible Managers (i.e., faculty, regular staff, and students) assigned across the lifetime of the drive and provides visibility into the total space usage in U-M Google. (ITS Shared Drive Manager does not enumerate file names or provide access to file content.)

Although Managers can remove the ITS Shared Drive Manager account from their shared drives, they are strongly advised against it. If you remove the account from your shared drive, it will be automatically added back.

The ITS Shared Drive Manager account does not access or monitor drive content. As with other collaboration services (e.g., U-M Slack), this data is only accessed in accordance with the university policy on Privacy and the Need to Monitor and Access Records (SPG 601.11).

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