Setting Up Duo Mobile on New Phone or Tablet


Duo Two-Factor Authentication


Setting up Duo on a new device


  • Go to
  • Login with your uniqname and password if prompted
  • Go to "Two-Factor (Duo)" > "Manage Duo Devices"
  • Log in with Duo (may need to choose phone call or use an alternate Duo method)
  • For the phone/tablet to be reactivated, click "Device Options"
  • Click "Reactivate Duo Mobile"
  • Follow the prompts
    • Install App on device if not already installed
    • Open the app and click the + sign in the upper right
    • Scan the QR Code
    • Click continue
  • The device should be set up.

If the phone call option isn't working and a backup device wasn't set up, the Service Center can either reactivate Duo mobile on your behalf, or can assign a temporary Duo bypass code to allow you to sign in and update your own settings. 

Because this would require identity verification, please contact the Service Center via phone at 734-764-HELP (4357) and select option 1.

Contact the ITS Service Center:

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