Reactivate Duo Mobile on Phone or Tablet


  • Duo Two-Factor Authentication
  • Phones and tablets used for authentication


The Duo application on your phone or tablet indicates you need to reactivate it.

  • This may occur when you replace your phone with a new phone model, while keeping the same phone number.
  • This may occur when your device is not able to receive Duo pushes.


  1. Login to UMICH Account Management
    1. Enter your uniqname and password if prompted
    2. Log in with Duo when prompted if you have any working device configured for your Duo account
      1. Many people have more than one Duo device configured
      2. Selecting your phone and using the Call Me option will often work, provided you have not changed your phone number
      3. If unable to login with Duo, contact the ITS Service Center via phone or chat, to request a temporary Duo bypass code
  2. Click on Manage Duo Devices
  3. For the phone/tablet to be reactivated, click Device Options
  4. Click Reactivate Duo Mobile
  5. Follow the prompts
    1. Install App on device if not already installed
    2. Open the app and click the + sign in the upper right
    3. Scan the QR Code
    4. Click continue
  6. The device should be set up

Additional Information

Need additional information or assistance? Contact the ITS Service Center.



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