Enroll a Smartphone or Tablet in Duo


Duo Two-Factor Authentication


How can I enroll a smartphone or tablet in Duo? (iPhone, iPad, Android, etc.)


To set up Duo Two Factor Authentication, you can follow the brief instructions below or the detailed instructions at http://documentation.its.umich.edu/2fa/enroll-smartphone-or-tablet-duo to guide you through the enrollment process and help you configure the Duo Mobile app on your device. Instructions for adding a new device to Duo after another device has already been enrolled are located here.

  1. Download the Duo app to your device from the appropriate store
  2. Go to accounts.it.umich.edu on another device
    1. Note: you can't do this on the same device you want to enroll because you will need to scan a QR code, and won't be able to do that using the same device
  3. Login with your uniqname and UMICH (Level-1) password (if prompted)
  4. Go to "Two-Factor (Duo)" > "Manage Duo Devices"
  5. Go through the Duo prompts
    1. On the next screen, click "Add another device" 
    2. Follow the instructions to add the device of your choice

Additional Information

Duo Two-Factor Authentication is a security measure that requires users to provide two forms of authentication to access their accounts. This provides an extra layer of security beyond the traditional username and password, making it more difficult for unauthorized users to gain access to sensitive information. We recommend having at least two Duo options to help ensure your access in case of unexpected circumstances like lost internet, lost device, etc. 

If you have a replacement device and cannot authenticate with Duo using the previous device to access the Duo enrollment page, please contact the ITS Service Center for assistance. We will be able to help you add your replacement device.

Need additional information or assistance? Contact the ITS Service Center.


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