System Access, Passwords, and ID Management

Logins, passwords, access to systems, and modifications to individual account profiles in University directories

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Add Members to an MCommunity Group

How to use the Add Members feature to add users to MCommunity groups.

Configuring an OIDC Relying Party to require MFA with U-M Single Sign-on

U-M's identity provider (IDP) can be required to enforce multifactor authentication (MFA) for OIDC relying parties (RP).

Deleting an MCommunity Group

How to use delete groups from MCommunity

Facebook Social Login Temporarily Unavailable For Some Services

Facebook Social Login is not currently working.

My LINC Data in Business Objects

My LINC data is now available in Business Objects. With this access users can run reports and receive real-time data.

Textbook Adoption & Insights Portal (AIP): User Type is Not Allowed (New Instructors)

New faculty for an upcoming term receive an error when attempting to log into the Adoption & Insights Portal to make textbook adoptions for classes.

Zoom - Sharing Video From the Cloud

Learn how to share Zoom recordings from the cloud and see a list of viewers.