System Access, Passwords, and ID Management

Logins, passwords, access to systems, and modifications to individual account profiles in University directories

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Add Members and Owners to an MCommunity Group

How to use the Add Members feature to add members and owners to MCommunity groups.

Are University of Michigan Accounts Provided for Coursera Participants?

Coursera is an independent organization and U-M accounts are not provided for Coursera participants.

Computing Services for Alumni, Retirees, and Departed Individuals

This article provides information regarding what happens to a specific user's computing services after they graduate, retire, or leave the university.

Configuring an OIDC Relying Party to require MFA with U-M Single Sign-on

U-M's identity provider (IDP) can be required to enforce multifactor authentication (MFA) for OIDC relying parties (RP).

Deleting an MCommunity Group

How to use delete groups from MCommunity

Digital Signage - Log in to Content Manager

A quick how-to article on logging in to the content manager application necessary to add or edit content on digital signs.

Duo Error Message "{"stat": "FAIL", "message": "Please enter a passcode."}" After Trying Duo Push or Passcode Option

Duo Error Message "{"stat": "FAIL", "message": "Please enter a passcode."}" After Trying Duo Push or Passcode Option. This error message won't allow for a passcode option or push option.

Facebook Social Login Temporarily Unavailable For Some Services

Facebook Social Login is not currently working.

Managing Access to AFS Group Directories for Websites

This document explains how to grant and remove individuals' access to the files used for publishing a group website at the University of Michigan.

MCommunity Authentication Error - token_validation_error: "Token has Expired"

"Token has expired" on login can be due to system time of user's computer differing significantly from system time of U-M Identity Provider. This can be resolved by configuring the user's system to update its date and time automatically.

My LINC Data in Business Objects

My LINC data is now available in Business Objects. With this access users can run reports and receive real-time data.

Problems Logging In - Uniqname Troubleshooting

This article provides troubleshooting for common issues with the uniqname that may be preventing login.

Screen Reader Instructions for Time Approval

This article provides instructions to help people who use screen reader software approve employee time reporting.

Textbook Adoption & Insights Portal (AIP): User Type is Not Allowed (New Instructors)

New faculty for an upcoming term receive an error when attempting to log into the Adoption & Insights Portal to make textbook adoptions for classes.

Zoom - Sharing Video From the Cloud

Learn how to share Zoom recordings from the cloud and see a list of viewers.