Problems Logging In - UM Uniqname


Weblogin or a related system that uses the U-M account credentials


  • Trying to log in but credentials aren't being accepted
    • May be the first time logging in after setting up the account or regular credentials suddenly aren't working 
  • Encountering the error message 'Password or Account Name incorrect. Is [caps lock] on?'


  • Make sure the uniqname (Login ID) is in all lowercase letters - no capitals
    • Trying to log in with a uniqname with any capital letters will cause the "Password or Account Name incorrect. Is [caps lock] on?" error message, even if the uniqname and password are correct
  • Type just the uniqname - do not include an email domain such as or
  • Make sure there are no spaces before or after the uniqname
  • Confirm you're using the correct uniqname
    • If you forgot your uniqname, you may be able to look it up by searching your first and last name on the MCommunity Directory
    • If your browser auto-fills login pages, it may be populating with the wrong information - please try deleting/erasing the auto-filled information and type in your uniqname and password directly

If you've confirmed you're using the correct uniqname and the troubleshooting above is not resolving the issue, please reset your UMICH password. You can start the password reset process by submitting your uniqname in all lowercase on the following page -

Additional Information

  • The uniqname creation process allows for capital letters to be entered but the system changes them to lowercase letters.
  • You may have received an email(s) that provided your uniqname in all uppercase/capitals - this is likely done for readability, but unfortunately causes this confusion at login.

Need additional information or assistance? Contact the ITS Service Center.

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