Removal from ITS-Inform Email Messages


University of Michigan automated targeted email


You may be receiving mail you don't think you should be receiving due to a security role assigned to your identity.  

For many automated messages about MPathways services, the issue is that you still have a role assigned that puts you in the recipient list for that topic.


  • To be removed from the email list, work with your Unit Liaison to submit an OARS delete request to remove the associated security role for the targeted email.

Additional Information

For example, if you receive the "Reminder: 10 a.m. Deadline for Biweekly Payroll" message, they receive it because you have the TL TIME ENTRY APPROVER role.

If you want to keep the access, but don't want to see the messages, you can applying a filter in your email.

  •  For Google, see for help creating a filter for that purpose.


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