My Uniqname is Deactivated – How Can I Reactivate It?


U-M uniqname system, University of Michigan services that require uniqname for access


A University of Michigan uniqname needs a business reason to be activated.  When a uniqname deactivates, it is usually because a person’s business reason has ended. Only restoration of the business reason can restore the activation of the uniqname.

Note: The business reason must be valid according to U-M business process guidelines.  Depending on the circumstance, uniqnames may not ever be reactivated.


To request reactivation of your uniqname, you must have a current active affiliation. Depending on your affiliation justification, the ITS Service Center can help connect you to the authoritative person for reactivating your account.  See the list in “Additional Information” below to determine which affiliation may apply to your situation.

  • NOTE that when your uniqname is deactivated, your existing password and account recovery information are cleared. 
  • If the uniqname is eligible for reactivation, both of these areas will need to be added.  

Do not re-use a password you have previously used for U-M service access.  

Additional Information

Affiliation Justification Details:

  • Students are actively completing a student career and may be starting, in process, or completing it.  
    • Your affiliation may become alumni depending on your program completion.
  • Staff and Faculty are assigned their role by a department who manages their hiring details.
  • Alumni are former students who are no longer active in a student program.
  • Retirees have completed the official University of Michigan retirement process through University HR.
  • Sponsored Affiliates have a U-M sponsor who agrees to support their continued use of U-M services for University business purposes.

Need additional information or assistance? Contact the ITS Service Center.

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