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  • Random reports are appearing in my BI Inbox
  • Queries that I do not own are appearing in my BI Inbox


After the BusinessObjects upgrade to version 4.3 in October 2022, you have the option to select Everyone when you send a report/query via the BI Inbox. As a result, reports are being received by users who are not directly involved.

When a report lands in your inbox, you will become the owner of the copy that is saved in your inbox. Please delete any reports you don't recognize/aren't expecting to receive.

Delete a Report

  1. To delete a report in your BI Inbox, click the inbox item
  2. Click the 3 horizontal dots in the upper-right (above the View option)
  3. Choose Delete

Delete Multiple at Once

  1. Switch to the Documents tab in the BI Inbox
  2. Use the checkbox next to the report/document to select all the items you'd like to delete
  3. Click the 3 horizontal dots in the upper-right of the inbox list section
  4. Click Delete
  5. Click OK to confirm that deletion

Additional Information

This is a known issue that has been reported to the vendor.

Need additional information or assistance? Contact the ITS Service Center.

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