Identifying Access for Existing BusinessObjects Reports




How can I see what access is needed to run a Business Objects report?


To see which Universes a report uses, follow these steps:

  1. Open the report and change to design mode.
  2. Open the Query Panel.
  3. Click on each query tab to see the Universe that query uses.
  4. Go to OARS and match the universe to the credentials needed.

For Example:

  • A report has 3 queries.
  • Query 1 & 2 use SA03 Student Records.
  • Query 3 is an Excel Spreadsheet input.

So you would need access to SA03 Student Records and the Excel Spreadsheet.

  1. Go to OARS (, Select Request.
  2. Enter the Uniqname in User Information and click lookup.
  3. Expand Student Administration, then Student Administration Data Warehouse.
  4. Expand Business Objects and check the box: Student Records - BO (DW).

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