Document Imaging: "The document cannot be printed" Adobe Acrobat Error Message


Document Imaging, Perceptive Content, Windows


Why am I getting the "The document cannot be printed" Adobe Acrobat error message and how do I fix it?


The error message "The document cannot be printed" is displayed after selecting Print when the ImageNow printer is selected. This message is from Adobe Acrobat and pops up before getting to Perceptive Content. This message means the document is corrupted. To fix the document:

  1. Open File Explorer and find the document on your computer
  2. Right-click the document name and select Open With - Google Chrome
  3. In Google Chrome:
    1. Click on the Download button (the down-pointing arrow in the upper right corner)
    2. Select Save
    3. Save as Adobe Acrobat Document (.pdf)
    4. Save as a new document name
  4. Open the new document and Print using ImageNow printer

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