Schedule a Report in BusinessObjects to be Sent to Email or a BO Inbox




Schedule a BusinessObjects report


Please find the steps for Scheduling a Report in BO 4.3 version here :

  • Schedule a Report
    • Open the applicable folder in My Favorites.
    • Right-click the report title and select Schedule.
      • Optional: Rename the Instance Title. For example, if you schedule a report for a particular DeptID, you can add that value to the title.
        • If you schedule the report to run more than once, the same title is used for every instance.
        • An instance is a single scheduled refresh of the report, stored with data. A report can have multiple instances.
    • Click Recurrence in the left-hand panel.
    • Select a value from the Run object drop-down list.
    • If applicable, enter recurrence options.
      • For most recurrence options, you must specify a number (N), such as every 6 days or every 3 months.
      • To run the report every two weeks, select Daily and enter 14 in the Days(N) field.
      • Since each schedule has only one set of prompt values, you may need to create multiple schedules for a single report. For example, you could set up 12 schedules for a report--one for each month, with different prompt values.
    • Adjust start and end times as needed. You do not need an end time if you run the report Now or Once.
      • The default end year is 10 years in the future.
    • If your report contains prompts, click Prompts to check the prompt value(s).
    • Click Modify to select prompt value(s).
    • Make your changes, then click Apply.
    • Click Formats.
      • Select the desired format under Output Format or accept the default (Web Intelligence).
      • If you are sending the report by email, do not select Web Intelligence. The recipient will be unable to open the report.
  • Select a Destination
    • Click Destinations and select the applicable Destination for the output file. The Default Enterprise Location, means the instance(s) will be stored in the same folder as the report.
      • BI Inbox. The selected recipients will get the report in their BusinessObjects Inbox.
        • Verify that User List is highlighted under Available Recipients.
        • Search for the recipient In the Find Title field..
        • Select the name you want in the search results and click  to add this name to Selected Recipients.
        • Repeat steps A-C for any additional recipients.
        • Click Schedule in the lower right corner
      • Email
        • Enter the email addresses of recipients, separated by commas, In the To: field.
        • Type a subject.
        • Verify the Add attachment checkbox is checked.
        • Verify the Add File Extension checkbox is checked.
        • Type a message in the Message field.
        • Click Schedule in the lower right corner.
    • If you chose to run the report Now, click Refresh  to update the status.
    • To return to the list of reports in the current folder, close the History window
  • Reschedule a Report
    • From the History window, right-click an instance whose status is Recurring. Select Reschedule. The Reschedule window opens.
      • If a job fails, it will not run again. You need to reschedule it.
    • Select the desired options under Reschedule.
    • Replace displays in the left column if this report is scheduled for future runs.
      • Select Create new schedule from existing schedule to schedule additional runs of this report--for example, with different prompt values.
      • Otherwise, select Replace existing schedule.
    • If applicable, select Prompts to modify prompt values.
      • You can change the Instance Title to reflect a prompt value, such as, a specific Dept.
    • When finished, click Schedule.



Additional Information

  • To schedule a UM-maintained report, copy it to your My Favorites folder or subfolder.
  • Select times when the Data Warehouse is available: Sunday, noon - Saturday, 11 p.m.
  • Avoid scheduling reports:
    • When the data set(s) they use are being refreshed (see Refresh Schedule).
    • During the daily reboot of BusinessObjects servers, 4:00 - 5:30 a.m.
  • When scheduling email delivery of reports containing sensitive information:
    • Do not send BusinessObjects reports via e-mail to non-umich addresses or to a distribution list.
    • Never use email to send reports containing social security numbers or other sensitive data.

If you modify a scheduled report, BusinessObjects will run the modified version at the scheduled time(s).

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