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How do I install the Dropbox app in a Canvas course?


Install the Dropbox app

To install the Dropbox app in a Canvas course:

  1. Go to canvas.it.umich.edu and log in to your account using U-M Weblogin.
  2. Click Courses in the left sidebar and select the course to which you'd like to add the app.
  3. Click Settings from the left-side course navigation.
  4. Click the Apps tab and click All under "External Apps."
  5. Locate Dropbox and click the app.
  6. Click the "+ Add App" button.
  7. Click the Add App button in the pop-up to complete the installation.

Note: You can rename the app in the Name field if desired.

The Dropbox app installation will place a link in the left-side course navigation. The link provides information to students and instructors on how to connect and use Dropbox in Canvas. Note that the link can be removed from the course navigation at any time, and it is not necessary to use Dropbox in the course.

Canvas course page, Dropbox app section, black arrow pointing to "Dropbox for Canvas" link in left navigation.

Log in to Dropbox from Canvas

To access your files and folders in your U-M Dropbox account, you must first log in to U-M Dropbox.

  1. Click the Sign in button on the Dropbox for Canvas page in your course. You will be taken to the Dropbox sign-in page.
  2. Enter your @umich.edu (Level-1) email address in the Email field. Dropbox will automatically recognize your email as associated with U-M Dropbox and display "Single sign-on enabled." Do not enter your UMICH password in the Password field if it does not appear.
  3. Click Continue to finish signing in to your account.

Dropbox sign in page, black arrow points to Single sign-on enabled text.

Access Dropbox from Canvas

If the Dropbox for Canvas app has been enabled for a Canvas course, Dropbox will appear as an option for students to select from when uploading file submissions to assignments.

Canvas course example assignment page, Dropbox for Canvas tab is selected with the option to choose a file.

In addition, Dropbox will appear in the Rich Content Editor (RCE) for both instructors and students.

Create new assignment in Canvas page, Rich Content Editor selected, drop-down displays Dropbox as an option.

Additional Information

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