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How do I check my U-M Google account's current storage usage/limit?

How do I check my U-M Google shared drive usage/limit?


Check storage used /limit for your individual account

  • Go to Google's storage overview.
    • It shows your usage/limit by service:
      • Google Drive (only data you own in My Drive; it doesn't include shared drives)
      • Gmail
      • Google Photos
  • Hover over the colored sections on the line to view how much storage you are using in each service.
    • Note that these instructions also apply to checking a Google Shared Account's storage usage/limit. You have to log in to the Shared Account first though.
  • You will also see a list of files sorted by their file size on the storage page. This list only applies to files you own and are stored in your My Drive.
  • Open the Google Drive app for mobile devices
    1. Tap the three lines in the top left corner.
    2. Tap the storage option at the bottom.
    3. Tap the "More" option below the current storage bar to display the storage usage by service.

Check storage used/limit for your shared drive

  1. Open the shared drive in Google Drive and click the information "i" icon in the top right corner of the page.
  2. In the sidebar that appears, you will find the drive's storage usage/limit under Drive details > Storage used.

Note that the storage used in shared drives does not count against your individual account's storage limit.

Google shared drive with red boxes around the information icon and the storage used section under Details

Additional Information

  • Files owned by someone else do not count toward your storage limit. They only count against the owner’s limit.
  • Google file types, like Docs, Sheets, and Slides, do count toward the storage limit of wherever they're stored.
  • Files created or uploaded through the use of the Google integration in Canvas do count toward your storage limit.

Visit the Storage Management page for more information on how to manage your storage in U-M Google.

Need additional information or assistance? Contact the ITS Service Center.

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