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Can I display cents in M-Reports?


The ability to display cents is available on the Summary of Projects, P/G Budget Status/Activity, Sponsored Parent Summary (& Consolidated PBSR), Award ID Summary and several lower-level detail reports (P/G Billing Details, P/G Fin Aid/Stu Fin, P/G Payroll Details and P/G Voucher Details), in M-Reports.

  1. Choose the report
  2. Select the SHOW CENTS check box in the MY CRITERIA area of the report
  3. Select the REFRESH (or SEARCH) button to redisplay the values as cents. When drilling into the linked details, cents will also be displayed
    1. Un-checking the SHOW CENTS check box, then selecting the REFRESH (or SEARCH) button, will redisplay values in whole dollars once more.

Use the 'save criteria' button after the cents are showing, make the criteria the default, and then every time that report is opened the cents will be showing.

Additional Information

Note: Toggling between displaying cents or whole dollars can only be performed at the original report level. For example, navigate to the P/G Budget Status/Activity and select the SHOW CENTS option and refresh, then select one of the links to an amount in the EXPENDED column, the Rev/Exp Jrnl by FY report values are displayed in cents also. Un-checking the SHOW CENTS on the Rev/Exp Jrnl by FY page will return the report to the original P/G Budget Status/Activity, with the values now displayed in whole dollars. Drilling into the linked details will now be displayed in whole dollars as well.

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