Correct Ren Server Errors when Financials Reports Do Not Generate


M-Pathways Financials & Physical Resources System


Resolve ren server errors and view reports

  • Although the symptoms of getting a ren server are varied, you often just get a blank screen, or the report doesn't pop up, or it stays queued forever. Sometimes you will get an actual "ren server error."


Note: PDF generation often takes a minute or two to complete

When running the report, make sure that all fields are set correctly on the Process Scheduler Request page:

  • The "Server Name" field is set to "PSUNX"
  • The "Type" is set to "Window"
  • The "Format" field is set to "PDF"  

If these fields are set correctly and the report window still doesn't appear, try any of the steps below:

Note: Basic navigation in M-Pathways Financials is Main Menu > Reporting Tools > Report Manager

Click on the Administration tab, then click on the link under "Description" for the report you want to view.

  1. Clear your browser cache 
  2. Access the Process monitor to view the job status and to pull up any generated reports
  3. Temporarily switch browsers

Additional Information

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