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How to print a photo class roster -- available for people who are authorized to use Faculty Business through Wolverine Access


Define Class Roster View Options

When working with the Class Roster, always Define Class Roster View Options first. This allows for more accurate results when performing other actions.

  1. Select Class Roster View Options
  2. Select the Enrollment Status
  3. Click to update the Class Roster results

Print Photo Roster

Note: The Photo Class Roster will return ONLY those students you define to see in the Class Roster View Options

  1. After you have defined the class roster view, click Print Photo Roster
    1. Note: You can view individual student photos by clicking the photo icon located to the left of the student name
  2. Turn on the appropriate checkboxes for the information you would like displayed
    1. Notes: the Name field is automatically selected
    2. You can select up to 3 additional fields
    3. The number of options you choose to display on the Photo Class Roster determines how many pictures display on a page and the size of those pictures
  3. The SQR Report window will appear and read Queued
    1. Note: If the report does not display after several minutes, see the “If the report does not display” instructions below.
  4. When the report is finished running, the Application Engine window will appear and read Success
    1. This window will repopulate and the Report Index page will display
  5. Close the Report Index window/tab
  6. The Photo Class Roster will open in the SQR Report window
  7. View and Print the Photo Class Roster
    1. Use the internet browser or Adobe PDF print function to print the Class Roster (e.g., File > Print or type CTRL+P)
    2. Note: Photos are available only for enrolled students
      1. If there is no photo for the student, No Photo Found displays
    3. Close the report window/tab

If class roster does not display

If the class roster does not open as expected after several minutes, you can return to the Report Manager screen and open the report from there

  1. Return to the Print Photo Class Roster page, which should still be open in the Faculty Center browser tab
  2. Click Report Manager
  3. On the Report Manager screen > Administration tab, click MSR04160-PHOTO CLASS ROSTER. The most recent report should be at the top of the list that displays. Click the most recent pdf to open the class roster

Alternative navigation and directions for the Report Manager can be found here: Retrieving a Report from the Report Manager

Additional Information 

Full information on Class Rosters here:

Need additional information or assistance? Contact the ITS Service Center.

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