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What are Slack user groups? How do I find a list of Slack user groups in my U-M Slack workspace?



  • In U-M Slack, Workspace Admins have the ability to create user groups. User groups are a group of members in a workspace who often need to be notified at once. When you mention a user group (e.g., @slack-team), every member in the group will be notified. You can also mention a user group in a new channel to quickly invite all of the group’s members.
  • User groups are unique to each workspace in U-M Slack. You cannot access all user groups across all workspaces of which you are a member in U-M Slack from one location. You will need to navigate to each workspace to view their specific user groups.
  • Only Workspace Admins can create, modify, and deactivate user groups. If you want to create, modify, or deactivate a user group, please reach out to an admin of your workspace.

Find a list of user groups

  1. Navigate to the U-M Slack workspace for which you want to access the user groups
  2. Select More (three-dots icon) from the top of the left sidebar in Slack
  3. Select People & user groups from the drop-down menu

Screenshot of the upper part of the Slack sidebar in the desktop app. The More drop-down is open and a red box appears around the text "People & user groups"

  1. Click the User groups tab on the People page that loads.

You can now scroll through and/or search for the user groups from this page. For more specificity, click Filter and select the workspace in which you want to search from the Workspace drop-down menu.


Additional Information

For additional assistance, contact the ITS Service Center.


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