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How do I find who the admins are of a U-M Slack workspace? How do I contact the admins of a U-M Slack workspace?


There are two common ways to find who the Slack Workspace Admins are for your workspace(s):

Method 1: Reference the Admins & Owners list (Recommended if email addresses are needed)

  1. Click the workspace name in the top left of the Slack sidebar
  2. Find "This workspace is part of the University of Michigan organization. Learn more" in the drop-down menu and click Learn more

Note: If this notice is not there, your workspace is not in U-M Slack. These instructions are for U-M Slack workspaces only.

  1. Click the Admins & Owners tab
  2. Review the list of admins and owners
    • This list shows email addresses, which can be copied and pasted one at a time into an email but cannot be copied and pasted in bulk
    • Do not contact ITS Slack ( as you will receive no response. ITS Slack is the Primary Owner of all U-M Slack workspaces for the sole purpose of overall service administration of U-M Slack Enterprise Grid. However, it is not involved in the day-to-day administration of workspaces. Contact the Workspace Admins for day-to-day administration needs.

Method 2: Search for the @admins user group

Every U-M Slack workspace has a user group to contact the admins: @admins

Refer to the Slack Help Center to learn more about the behaviors and uses of user groups and mentions in Slack.

  1. Select More (three-dots icon) from the top left of the Slack sidebar
  2. Select People & user groups from the drop-down menu
  3. Click the User groups tab on the People page that loads
  4. Click Filter and select the workspace in which you want to search for the admins from the Workspace drop-down menu
  5. Select the Admins (@admins) user group from the search results to find a list of the admins of that workspace

Based on these two methods, you can choose to contact the Workspace Admins by either emailing them directly via Method 1 or mentioning the @admins user group in Slack via Method 2. Refer to Mentioning Slack User Groups in a Workspace for additional information on contacting @admins via Slack.

Additional Information

The Slack Help Center also provides additional methods for identifying admins in a workspace.

For additional assistance, contact the ITS Service Center.


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