Find a List of All Slack Channels in a U-M Slack Workspace


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How do I find a list of all Slack channels in a U-M Slack workspace?


Slack allows a user to view the list of channels available in a U-M Slack workspace. That list includes all public channels available to members of the workspace. It also includes private channels of which a user is a member. Note that you will not see every private channel if you are not a member of them.

To view all Slack channels:

  1. Navigate to the U-M Slack workspace for which you want to access the channels
  2. Click the plus icon (+) beside the Channels header within the left sidebar

Screenshot of the Slack sidebar in the desktop app. The + drop-down is open next to the Channels header and a red box appears around the text "Browse channels"

  1. Select Browse channels. You will be taken to the Channel browser page where you can search for and/or filter by various attributes

Additional Information

For additional assistance, contact the ITS Service Center.


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