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How do I find a list of all Slack channels in a U-M Slack workspace?


By default, Slack shows you every channel of which you're a member (public and private) in the "All workspaces" sidebar view of your app/browser. However, this view doesn't show you every public channel available for you to join or group them by specific workspace.

To view all Slack channels in a specific workspace:

  1. Select More (...) from the far left sidebar panel in Slack.
  2. Hover over Your organization and select Channels.
  3. Click the Workspaces drop-down under the search field and select the relevant workspace.
  4. Click the plus icon (+) beside the Channels header within the left sidebar

You can now search for and/or filter by various attributes all channels available to you in that workspace.

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For additional assistance, contact the ITS Service Center.

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