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I can't log in to U-M Slack. I get an error: "Your email address is already registered to a deactivated account and cannot be reused. Please contact your Organization Admins for assistance."

Note: If you receive the following error message - "You are not eligible for the service requested" - you are not eligible to be a member in U-M Slack with your @umich.edu email address based on your current affiliation at the university. However, you can become a guest with a non-@umich.edu email address. Refer to Eligibility for U-M Slack for more details.


If you receive the deactivation error:

Additional Information

This error occurs when the following five conditions are met:

  1. You were previously eligible for U-M Slack.
  2. You were a member of U-M Slack.
  3. You lost all eligible roles at the university (e.g., graduated, retired, quit, had a lapse in active student status such as changing programs, etc.).
  4. Your U-M Slack account was deactivated because you no longer held an eligible role at the university.
  5. You became eligible for U-M Slack again because your role at the university changed (e.g., started a new program, became employed, got sponsored by a department, etc).

Accounts are automatically deactivated upon role change at the university. They are automatically reactivated when a role change occurs but this process may take up to 24 hours.

Need additional information or assistance? Contact the ITS Service Center.

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