Slack Workspace Apps Deactivated After Removing a Workspace Admin


U-M Slack


A Workspace Admin(s) of our U-M Slack workspace was recently removed and now some previously installed apps do not work for any current members of our workspace.


When a Workspace Admin is removed or leaves a U-M Slack workspace, apps that they had previously installed for the workspace will also be deactivated. (Slack does not provide any messaging/warning about this to current members.)

Note: If a Workspace Admin is demoted to Full Member and remains in the workspace, the apps they had installed as an admin should still be available for use.

To resolve this, a Workspace Admin will need to reinstall the app. It is recommended that a) one Workspace Admin is put in charge of installing all of the apps for the workspace or b) there is an external record maintained of who installs which apps so transitions and removals from the workspace can be more effectively managed in the future.

Additional Information

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Wed 4/6/22 8:12 AM
Wed 4/6/22 1:41 PM