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How do I tell which workspace a U-M Slack channel is in?


Determine a channel’s workspace

In the “All workspaces” channel view of your sidebar, you’ll notice a (potentially) long list of channels from every workspace of which you’re a member. There are two ways to determine which workspace(s) a specific channel belongs to:

  • For channels with duplicate names (e.g., #general), the workspace name will appear beside the channel name in your channel sidebar.

List of channels in Slack, three "general" duplicate name channels, red box around the workspace names that correspond to each channel found next to each channel name in the list

  • For channels with no duplicate names (e.g., #this-is-for-testing), you need to navigate to the channel’s details to find the workspace(s) it belongs to.
    1. Click the name at the top of the channel feed.
    2. Find the channel’s workspace(s) under About Workspaces with access to this channel.

Channel details dialog box is open, red box and the number 1 around the channel name drop-down at the top and a second red box with a number 2 around the workspace name the channel is a part of

Additional Information

You can also choose to filter your sidebar by workspace to determine a channel's workspace. To filter channels by specific workspace, click the All workspaces drop-down at the top of your sidebar under University of Michigan and select the workspace name you want to view.

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