Slack: Group Direct Message Conversion to Private Channel / "Accessible" in All U-M Workspaces


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I converted my group direct message to a private channel in my U-M Slack workspace, but it now says that the channel is accessible to all U-M workspaces. What happened? Is it really available/findable in all U-M workspaces?


  • In Slack Enterprise Grid environments like U-M Slack, direct messages (DMs) are available/"exist" in all Slack workspaces of which you're a member
    • (i.e., you can reply to any DMs in any U-M Slack workspace)
  • Because your DMs are accessible to you from any workspace in U-M Slack, when you convert a group DM to a private channel, it automatically becomes a multi-workspace channel by default
    • The private channel cannot be changed from a multi-workspace channel to a single-workspace channel
  • However, this new private channel is not findable by other members or admins because the channel is private
    • It will only be accessible to the members of the private channel
  • Neither Channel Managers nor Workspace Admins can rename multi-workspace channels. If you need to rename one, you will need to submit a request to the ITS Service Center, as only Org Admins can change the name for you.

Additional Information

Need additional information or assistance? Contact the ITS Service Center.


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Thu 6/30/22 10:19 AM
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