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Can I install and use third-party apps with U-M Slack workspaces?


All apps and integrations in the Slack App Directory are enabled for the U-M Slack Enterprise Grid. However, only Workspace Admins can add Slack apps to their workspaces. When an admin requests to install an app, it will be auto-approved (despite the need to request it).

Note: If a non-Workspace Admin attempts to install an app, their attempt will not be successful. After requesting the app via the App Directory, the app will be stuck in "Request Submitted" status, and they should receive a direct message from Slackbot with a rejection stating they have to reach out to an admin.

Refer to Add-ins, Add-ons & Apps for Collaboration Services for more information.

Additional Information

The only exception to this policy is the Maize & Blue public workspace, where no apps can be requested or installed

  • Users can view which apps have been installed in their U-M Slack workspace:
    1. Hover over More (...) from the far left sidebar panel in Slack.
    2. Select Automations.
    3. Click Apps from the left sidebar.
    4. Click the workspace drop-down at the top of the Apps page and select the relevant workspace.
  • Apps can only be removed from a workspace by ITS. If you are a Workspace Admin and would like to have an app deleted from your workspace, contact the ITS Service Center with your workspace’s name and the name of the app.

Need additional information or assistance? Contact the ITS Service Center.

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