eSignature: Issues When Logging into SignNow




You may be presented with an error (SSO Error: Invalid domain given) and SignNow login screen that requests an email and password. SignNow uses the university's weblogin, so you should not enter this information on SignNow's login screen.  


  1. Use the SignNow login link at this website:
    • You may be successful in logging in right away from this link. If not, continue with the following steps
  2. An error pops up briefly and a SignNow Login page appears asking you to enter in your email address and password or log in with Facebook or Google. Do not enter any email or password on this page and instead, click Login with SSO at the bottom of the screen.  (Attachment "SignNow login" contains a screen shot of this page) 
  3. Enter your email address (no emails) and click Log in (Attachment "SignNow Single Sign On" contains a screen shot of this page)
  4. You are logged into SignNow

Additional Information

On rare occasions, users may receive an error twice. If that occurs, follow the instructions again and it should be successful the second time. ITS is working with the vendor to resolve this behavior.

Need additional information or assistance? Contact the ITS Service Center.




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