Can't Connect My OpenAI Account/Product to My U-M Google or Microsoft 365 Account


U-M Google, Microsoft 265, OpenAI


I want to connect my OpenAI account/product to my U-M Google or U-M Microsoft 365 account, but it won't let me.


  • OpenAI allows individuals to connect their ChatGPT products to Google and Microsoft 365 accounts.
  • U-M Google and U-M Microsoft 365 accounts are not eligible to connect to OpenAI products.
  • They aren't eligible because granting access may allow OpenAI to use, store, or share materials/intellectual property owned by someone else at the university or other institutional data owned by the university.
  • U-M does not have any binding agreements (DPA, BAA, etc.) with OpenAI to cover appropriate data use, storage, or sharing.
  • The Generative AI Services provided by ITS to the U-M community can be granted access to materials in U-M Google and elsewhere to achieve similar results.

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