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How do I use U-M Maizey?


Currently, U-M Maizey can index data from Google Drive, Canvas (Ann Arbor), or a public website. 

Known file types supported in U-M Maizey include: .txt, .html, .rtf, .pdf, .docx, .xlsxl, .pptx, .md. Other file types may work, but have not been tested.


Log in and Create a New Project

Navigate to, and then log in with your uniqname and UMICH (Level-1) password and complete Duo two-factor authentication.

  1. Click Create New Project.

Project Settings

  1. Enter a project Project Name.
  2. Enter your project’s unique URL identifier in the Project Path field. For example, if you enter smith-bio101, the public-facing URL for your project will be
  3. Enter a valid Billing Shortcode. Note that a Shortcode is required, however usage is free through December 31, 2023. Shortcodes will not be charged during this period.
  4. If you wish to create a project that is only intended for personal use and not shared with others, select the Private Project option. Otherwise, skip to the next step.
  5. Select a Data Source
  6. Select a Viewer Group and an Owner Group
  • The Viewer Group field displays MCommunity groups for which you are a member. Members of this group can use the AI chat tool you create with Maizey and will be given the Member role on your Maizey project.
  • The Owner Group field displays MCommunity groups for which you are an owner. Owners of this group can edit the Maizey project you create and will be given the Contributor role on your Maizey project.
  • If needed, you can create a new MCommunity group and add owners/members to it accordingly.
  • Note that if you create a new MCommunity group after you've already begun building your Maizey project, you must log out of Maizey and log in again in order for the new group to display.
  1. Click Submit.
  • If you selected Google Drive, select the folder you wish to use from the drop-down menu. Only top-level folders you own will display. Maizey will not index Shared Drives. 
    • Creating a Google project the first time will display a page that will ask which account you want to authorize access for the ITS-AI project. Once you pick your account, you will be asked to allow ITS-AI to access your Google Drive. You will need to provide access in order to use U-M Maizey with Google Drive.
  • If you selected Canvas, complete the Add Canvas Data Source steps below before continuing. Note that currently only U-M Ann Arbor courses are supported.
  • If you selected Public website, provide the web URL you wish to use, or a list of URLs separate by commas
    • Note that Maizey will only index data for the base URL you provide (not sub-pages). If you want to include multiple web pages, list the individual URLs separated by commas.

Project Layout Settings

  1. Enter a Title for your AI Tool.
  2. Enter a Description of your AI Tool. 
  3. If desired, select the Show Footer option.
  4. If desired, select the Show Project Creator option.
  5. Click Submit.

Artificial Intelligence Settings

It is strongly recommended that you review Guidance on AI Settings for more information about each option before continuing.

  1. A default System Prompt Augmentation is provided. Edit the field if desired. See the Maizey System Prompt Library for additional guidance and examples.
  2. Adjust the Temperature slider as desired. 
  3. If desired, select the Return Data Sources in Response option.
  4. If desired, click the drop-down menu to Choose a Chain. Note that only Retrieval QA is currently available. More options will be available in the future.
  5. If desired, click the drop-down menu to Choose a Chain Type. Note that only Stuff is currently available. More options will be available in the future.
  6. Click Submit.


  • Note that there can be a delay as data is being indexed. You can view progress in the Task Activity list. 
  • You can click Data Source to open the URL of the data source used for your project.


Publish and Share

You can open your AI tool and test it by clicking the Public URL link at the top of the Project Details page.

When you are ready to share your project with members of the selected MCommunity group, you first need to publish your project. On the Project Details page, click Update next to the Published option under Project Layout Settings and publish your project. You can then share the Public URL with members of your group.

Project Details page with the Public URL link and Update publish option highlighted


Edit Project Settings / Delete Project

You can view all projects you’ve created or have access to on the main Maizey Projects page. You can view all Shared Projects for which you are an Owner or Member, as well as Private Projects viewable only to you.

  • Click a Project Title (or click the three dots and select Details) in order to view the Project Details page for the selected project. From there, you can edit various Project Layout and Artificial Intelligence Settings by clicking Update.
  • To delete a project, click the three dots next to the desired project and select Delete.

Maizey Projects page showing Shared Projects list with Detail and Delete options highlighted on a project.


Add Canvas Data Source

  1. Open the desired Canvas course.
  2. Click +People and add as an Observer in your course.
  3. Copy the course ID number from the URL. 

Canvas course URL with course number circled for reference

  1. Paste the course ID number in the field provided and click Submit.
  2. Continue with step 9 above.

Maizey will index the following in a Canvas course:

  • Announcements
  • Assignments
  • Files
    • Files must be visible in the course navigation menu. Maizey will not index files that are linked in Pages, Modules, etc. if Files is hidden from the course navigation menu.
  • Lecture Recordings
  • Modules (Only unlocked modules)
  • Pages 

Additional Information

Need additional information or assistance? Contact the ITS Service Center.


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