Using Maizey with Canvas and CAEN Lecture Capture


U-M Maizey (with Canvas and CAEN Lecture Capture)


How to use Maizey with Canvas and CAEN Lecture Capture to index lecture recording transcripts.


Maizey allows you to build an AI course helper tool that uses Canvas as a data source. If you enable Lecture Capture in your Canvas course, Maizey will index the transcripts of your lecture recordings and include timestamped links to the applicable recording when responding to a student’s query.

  1. Follow the steps to enable Lecture Capture in your Canvas course.
  2. Create a Maizey project that uses Canvas as a data source.
  • When creating your Maizey project, be sure to select Yes for the Return Data Sources in Responses option within AI Settings (step 17). This setting is required in order for the AI tool to provide timestamped links to the lecture recording.
  • Each time a new lecture recording is added to your Canvas course, you will need to re-index the data in Maizey.
  • The links provided to lecture recordings will go to an estimated time frame (within approximately two minutes), not to the exact point of reference within the recording.

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