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Assets Associated with a TeamDynamix Ticket on a Mobile Device

Scroll down past the description to see the Assets link when viewing TeamDynamix tickets on a phone or tablet.

Attaching Dropbox Files to TeamDynamix Tickets

This article is intended to assist end-users and support staff with attaching Dropbox files to TeamDynamix tickets.
Doing so will allow attachments within a TeamDynamix ticket to be restricted to the individuals that were provided access through Dropbox.

Create an Asset Report in TeamDynamix

Create an Asset Report in TeamDynamix. Available to those with Asset Viewer role

Creating Ticket Templates and requesting Task and Response Templates

Explains how to create TeamDynamix task templates and response templates

Digital Signage - Physical Installation of Digital Signs

An overview of which departments need to be involved when a unit is considering installing new digital signs.

Email Someone Who is not the Requestor on a TeamDynamix Ticket

Options for emailing people other than the requestor can be found on a ticket's update form.

Explanations of Impact, Urgency and Priority in TeamDynamix

Guidelines for the Impact, Urgency and Priority fields in TeamDynamix tickets.

How To Access, View, and Update Tickets in the TeamDynamix Portal

How customers can find and add comments to their tickets

Importing Tickets with the TeamDynamix Import Tool

TeamDynamix has an import tool that can be used to transfer tickets from other non-TDX ticketing applications.

Looking up a User's Group(s) in TeamDynamix

Non-admins cannot look up all the groups a user is in. Using search or MCommunity, it's possible to find single groups that a user is a member of.

Managing TeamDynamix Desktops

When new desktops are pushed out to users, their previous desktop(s) remain in their account. It's possible to remove older desktops using these steps.

Monitoring a TeamDynamix Ticket You are Not Responsible For

How to monitor TeamDynamix tickets you're interested in, but not responsible for

New Button has Disappeared in TeamDynamix

Information about how to make the New button for creating tickets appear on the desktop again.

Report on Counts in TeamDynamix

Include "ticket" count, do not include ID or any other unique fields

Setting up Gmail Filters for TeamDynamix Notifications

Create filters in Gmail to sort through the flood of incoming TDx notifications

Status of TeamDynamix Ticket When "On Hold" Status Expires

Each TDX ticketing app can be configured to have a Default Status for tickets that come off Hold status. In TDX ticketing apps that don't have a default status configured, the ticket will return to the status prior to being put on hold

Sticky Fields in TeamDynamix

The values of some fields are retained when a form in classified. It is possible to remove these values using the reset button.

Syncing Pronouns from MCommunity to TeamDynamix

Some pronouns set in MCommunity will be synchronized to TeamDynamix (TDX)

TeamDynamix "Oops!" message

Clear Cache and cookie if TDX says "oops"

TeamDynamix 11.9 Updates to PPM 5.11.24

Details of the project management features introduced in the TDx 11.9 release.

TeamDynamix Attachments

Customers may be trying to attach too large of an attachment if they receive this message: TeamDynamix We're sorry, but there has been an error in this application. If you continue to experience this error, please log out and log back in. If the problem persists, please contact your TeamDynamix administrator.

TeamDynamix Behavior with Different Domain Email Addresses

Updating TeamDynamix user profile information for email addresses.

TeamDynamix Campus Support

Links to help desks and support teams across campus. All of these teams use TeamDynamix and send from an email address of Use this list to get help from the correct team.

TeamDynamix Forms and Attribute Standards and Naming Conventions

Explanation of the standards to be used when creating TeamDynamix forms and attributes, along with naming conventions.

TeamDynamix PPM Roles and Permissions

Permissions that are specific to the TDX PPM tool and what each permission allows the user to accomplish.

TeamDynamix Reporting: Finding Tickets Assigned to my Service, Team or Group

Examples of how to find tickets assigned to your team, your service or the individuals on your team

TeamDynamix reporting: Responsible vs. Primarily Responsible

Reporting in TeamDynamix offers many fields related to who is responsible for/assigned to the ticket. This article explains the difference between Prim Resp/Prim Resp Group and Responsibility/Resp Group.

TeamDynamix Reporting: Return More than 500 Records

Manually adjust the number of rows returned in a report by updating the number if the field 'Set the maximum number of rows to retrieve'

TeamDynamix Request Forms not Currently Limited by Role

Access TDx forms will not be locked down by role at go-live. If someone fills out a form they are not eligible to complete, redirect them accordingly.

TeamDynamix Reviewer, TeamDynamix Change Approval Groups

ITS-ChangeApproval groups are automatically notified of tickets that are Emergency or Comprehensive Changes. For other tickets, remove this group when sending "notifications"

TeamDynamix Upgrade 11.7 5/13/2023

TeamDynamix is upgrading to 11.7 on 5/13/23 and will include new features

TeamDynamix User Time Zones

If a user is working in a time zone other than Eastern Time Zone, their admin user record will need to be updated to the time zone they are working in.

Using the TeamDynamix Hub to Transfer Tickets to Other Applications

The Hub is a way to transfer tickets between the TeamDynamix Ticketing applications used by campus schools, colleges, and administrative units. This knowledge article explains how transfer tickets using the Hub.

Which Users Do and Do Not Appear in TeamDynamix?

How to identify which users are in TeamDynamix