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Knowing what can display in My Work page of TeamDynamix and how to move them there.


Move items to My Work/My Work

You can use My Work to prioritize your work for the day. Use the +My Work button to move tickets from My Assignments to My Work and then click and drag into the order you want.  

These items appear in My Work/My Work

  1. The items that the user has specifically chosen to add to their work and are not yet complete and are NEW, OPEN, or IN PROCESS. 
  2. There are no date restrictions on what appears in these lists.
  3. When any of these items are marked as 100% complete or closed, the items are removed from My Assignments and My Work.

These items appear in My Work/My Assignments

  1. Non-parent tasks that are less than 100% complete and assigned to the user
  2. Issues that are Open or In Process and assigned to the user
  3. Tickets that do not have a closed status and for whom the user is responsible for
  4. Ticket tasks that are less than 100% complete and assigned to the user

Additional Information

Short video about using the My Work feature in TeamDynamix:  TeamDynamix - Using the My Work Application (Subtitled)

Need additional information or assistance? Submit a request here ITS-TeamDynamix Support

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