TeamDynamix Vendor Enhancements


ITS Ticketing Application in TeamDynamix


Some things in TeamDynamix don't work the way we want


The Service Support Team has submitted many enhancement requests to TeamDynamix, asking they accommodate these changes in their system:


ID TDXMost Frequently Requested? Title
15108233 231287 Tickets that go from Closed to Pending go back to closed when comment added. Allow configurable rules to allow setting the new status when a comment gets added, instead of always reverting to the prior status, which doesn't work for CLOSED tickets. 
15064789 199829 Include in notifications a list of all of the people who were notified
14364242 2693127 Email monitor to collect CC and To addresses for emails routing to TDX
14565255 3094458 Sandbox to Prod migration path
13616347 11750268 Improved Ticket Searching: Stemmed and Exact Match
13689105   Allow use of TDx mail servers with FROM
13689259   Enhanced email logging
12607663   Maintenance Windows Spanning Calendar Days
15210997   Allow Protected Custom Attributes (PCAs) to be used in Templates, Workflows and Reports
14481892 629389 HTML Emails via Email Monitor
14693783 1041829 Daily Ticket Count Report
13985230   Attachment File Types
14396700   New ticket window: form behavior when changing forms
13868860 214939 Allow distinct Footers on notifications based on Responsible group, or other field
12709982 246354 Allow shorter delays (minutes/hours) between closure of the ticket and sending the customer survey invitation
13985425 250615 Ability to populate a custom attribute on a ticket from a custom attribute on an Asset or CI record
14884141 271748 Formatted outbound communications (Related to 271748)
13766737 467326 Report sharing and emailing to people and groups
14364057 503085 Auto Refresh on ticket applications
14565261 503085 Auto Refresh Desktops
14565277 786387 Log file attachment uploading/deletion to the feed for the ticket
14565282 1971795 Minimize the appearance of the reply token
14565316 5064745 Customize ticket search columns, including ability to add fields (modified by) to "Tickets Assigned to Me" (ITS Ticket 149764)
11588109   Add "Location" and "Room" type custom attributes
12299772   Need to be able to link tickets together as related, but not parent/child.
12607825   Performance limitations when working with custom attributes with very large number of choices.
12642810   Asset Management API - Partial Asset Record Update via endpoint
12652272   Client Portal CSS to an external CSS stylesheet
12692465   Web Service User Permissions
12793573   Select All' option to select all returned records for Filter Asset results
12793673   Clear Filter Criteria
12820799   Bomgar Chat Widget on Portal authentication
12940246   API Auth Token
12940267   Web Service Account - OAuth 2.0.
12987004 1869128 No "data validation" or "character parameters" to enforce on form input fields
13039975   When a task gets assigned to a group it does not send out a notification
13040003   There's no ability to route tasks in a workflow based on operational hours.
13157440   Lack of Oncall functions does not support need to identify staff on call for each service,negatively impacting the ability to respond to critical or emergency incidents
13248004   Change Ticket Start & Due Date
13395439   Increase maximum results for report builder reports.
13591912   Enable 2FA/MFA authentication on non-SSO accounts
13606309   Assets removed from Ticket Template
13612955   Retain existing data on ticket when applying a template
13616954   Ability to create a custom desktop default for TDMobile entry point
13651132   Allow independent refreshes across ticketing applications
13653797   Display selected asset custom attributes in user's assets tab
13680237   Ability to manage visibility of Services per ticketing application
13681127   Email an external address from a workflow
13688807   Allow multiple outbound email addresses
13689355   Location Import - match on unique ID instead of Name
13722410   Brand the homepage
13722438   Email replies - automatically notify the current responsible
13722518   Include Ticket Created Notification in Feed
13722795   Be able to report and search for Task in the same manner as tickets
13724176   Delete function in API for Assets
13758923   Improved API search
13762382   Display HTML based on a form selection
13855739   Acct/Dept Import - match on external ID instead of Name
13870002   Populate 'Notify Other People" with members of the "Responsible"'s department
13876517   Display each entry separately when viewing available open periods for a new maintenance activity
13943080   Verbiage in Knowledge Article
13958295   Ability to update App Admin via API or People Import Utility
14005587   Enhance webhook to identify delta data on update
14073762   Ticket Templates with Title and Description not required
14154216   Potential Branding Issues in Workflow Notification Steps
14264681   More clicks to navigate back to TDnext after working a ticket
14265379   New ticket created from Closed ticket where caller is read only
14339479   Add pronoun field to user record
14364027   Ability to use Ticket Templates post ticket creation
14364120   "Other Email Address" field to be a default field on forms
14369701   Reporting enhancement: provide fields and data to calculate number of tickets worked by technician in a given time span
14370155   Populate Requestor in Notify field if "Private" is unchecked
14376551   Archived Knowledge Articles returned in Technician search
14377546   SEO Friendly URL for KB Articles
14404424   Put latest email response on top
14413104   Move the "Make Private" Checkbox closer to the "Notify" field
14418629   Additional options for Scheduled Reports
14480582   Attachment Size limitations
14541471   "Read Only" Requestor Field not assigning Workflows
14565230   HTML formatted response templates
14565313 9905150 Multiple Parents for Cascading Attributes
14565335   Allow Attachments to be sorted
14567072   Closed tickets to not display in search by default
14674203   Increase Text Search to be the same length as a Textbox
14678938   Make Knowledge Base visible in TDNext
14739519   handling inline email responses
14811881   Push tickets from one ticketing application to another
14818548   Custom Person Attribute
14865010   Search/filter the applications menu in TDNext
14892035   Purge email upon Fetch for monitored email boxes
14989877   Utilize person attributes to control roles and form access
15042302   Update to KPI Reporting field " Created to Init Respond
15085520   Resolve duplicate tickets created by one email to multiple monitors

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