TeamDynamix Vendor Enhancements


ITS Ticketing Application in TeamDynamix


Some things in TeamDynamix don't work the way we want them to.


The Service Support Team has submitted many enhancement requests to TeamDynamix, asking they accommodate these changes in their system.

Don't see the Enhancement you are looking for? Submit one to the ITS Service Support Team using this Form: TeamDynamix Enhancement Request.

VendorTicket TDX most frequently requested enhancements Description
12299772   Need to be able to link tickets together as related, but not parent/child.
12607663   Maintenance Windows Spanning Calendar Days
12607825   Performance limitations when working with custom attributes with very large number of choices.
12652272   Client Portal CSS to an external CSS stylesheet
12709982 246354 Allow shorter delays (minutes/hours) between closure of the ticket and sending the customer survey invitation
12793573   Select All' option to select all returned records for Filter Asset results (J. Burch)
12793673   Clear Filter Criteria (Burch)
12940246   API Auth Token
12940267   Web Service Account - OAuth 2.0.
12987004 1869128 No "data validation" or "character parameters" to enforce on form input fields
13040003   There's no ability to route tasks in a workflow based on operational hours.
13157440   Lack of Oncall functions does not support need to identify staff on call for each service,negatively impacting the ability to respond to critical or emergency incidents
13248004   Change Ticket Start & Due Date
13395439   Increase maximum results for report builder reports.
13606309   Assets removed from Ticket Template
13612955   Retain existing data on ticket when applying a template
13616347 11750268 Improved Ticket Searching: Stemmed and Exact Match - including searching by uniqname should return that uniqname as #1 result. (ITS ticket 3113581)
13616954   Ability to create a custom desktop default for TDMobile entry point
13653797   Display selected asset custom attributes in user's assets tab
13681127   Email an external address from a workflow
13689105   Allow use of TDx mail servers with FROM (all)
13689259   Enhanced email logging
13689355   Location Import - match on unique ID instead of Name
13722410   Brand the homepage
13722438   Email replies - automatically notify the current responsible
13722518   Include Ticket Created Notification in Feed
13722795   Be able to report and search for Task in the same manner as tickets
13724176   Delete function in API for Assets
13758923   Improved API search
13762382   Display HTML based on a form selection
13855739   Acct/Dept Import - match on external ID instead of Name
13868860 214939 Allow distinct Footers on notifications based on Responsible group, or other field
13870002   Populate 'Notify Other People" with members of the "Responsible"'s department
13876517   Display each entry separately when viewing available open periods for a new maintenance activity
13943080   Verbiage in Knowledge Article
13958295   Ability to update App Admin via API or People Import Utility
13985230   Attachment File Types
13985425 250615 Ability to populate a custom attribute on a ticket from a custom attribute on an Asset or CI record (ITS ticket 27058)
14005587   Enhance webhook to identify delta data on update
14073762   Ticket Templates with Title and Description not required
14154216   Potential Branding Issues in Workflow Notification Steps
14264681   More clicks to navigate back to TDnext after working a ticket
14364027   Ability to use Ticket Templates post ticket creation
14364120   "Other Email Address" field to be a default field on forms (LSA)
14364242 2693127 Email monitor to collect CC and To addresses for emails routing to TDX. This information can be added to the ticket notes or a field within each ticket. (LSA)
14369701   Reporting enhancement: provide fields and data to calculate number of tickets worked by technician in a given time span
14370155   Populate Requestor in Notify field if "Private" is unchecked
14376551   Archived Knowledge Articles returned in Technician search
14377546   SEO Friendly URL for KB Articles
14396700   New ticket window: form behavior when changing forms
14404424   Put latest email response on top
14413104   Move the "Notify" & "Notify Other People" fields above the Comments box, near the the "Make Private" Checkbox ITS TIcket 4398425
14418629   Additional options for Scheduled Reports
14480582   Attachment Size limitations
14541471   "Read Only" Requestor Field not assigning Workflows
14565282 1971795 Minimize the appearance of the reply token
14565313 9905150 Multiple Parents for Cascading Attributes
14565316 5064745 Customize ticket search columns, including ability to add fields (modified by) to "Tickets Assigned to Me" (ITS Ticket 149764)
14567072   Closed tickets to not display in search by default - Include all statuses in default ticket search (green filter). Allow Technicians to save their default search. ITS Ticket 877387
14674203   Increase Text Search to be the same length as a Textbox
14678938   Make Knowledge Base visible in TDNext
14693783 1041829 Daily Ticket Count Report (ITS ticket 265947)
14818548   Custom Person Attribute
14865010   Search/filter the applications menu in TDNext
14871949   Allow "Other Email Addresses" to be captured on TDNext forms
14892035   Purge email upon Fetch for monitored email boxes
14989877   Utilize person attributes to control roles and form access (ITS ticket 5242)
15042302   Update to KPI Reporting field " Created to Init Respond
15085520   Resolve duplicate tickets created by one email to multiple monitors
15188540   Ability to have each Ticket Application Control which Portal the Popular Articles are pulled from
15188827   Ability to create a true Parent/Child Relationship between Asset records from within the Relationships tab of an asset. (Burch)
15210997   Allow Protected Custom Attributes (PCAs) to be used in Templates, Workflows and Reports (SSC)
15296940   Allow Multiple Assignment Groups to be Assigned to a Ticket
15662399   SLA counts time 'on hold' and 'closed' against the SLA, so reopened and scheduled tickets routinely breach
15679523   Allow automation rules to act on in-flight tickets
15799167   Enable time directly in the grid on the My Time Card view
15897029   Cannot reply by email to tickets that were moved to another app after a notification was generated
16052551   Ability to indicate a separate color on the Request Service Button (jenburch)
16052684   Query information in the 'Read By' tab of a ticket (jenburch)
16211280   Assign reopened tickets to a group, never a single person (ITS ticket 434130 and 2992260)
16271264 1943602  
16276900   Additional comments in a feed is stripping away the text that is copied over
16319370   Text when updating status to an on hold state is confusing
16797210   Be able to create a new card from the +New menu on My Work
17003047   provide the ability for App Admins to modify canned queries/reports (jenburch)
17023599   the ability to drag and drop attachments when filling out a TDX customer-facing form. Currently the only time customers can drag and drop attachments is after ticket creation via the Client Portal. (ITS Ticket 618977)
17055193   Project Management Reports, Widget, Gantt chart improvements (ITS Ticket 619342) Potentially resolved by 11.8 10/28/23
17118406   When setting up a survey report there is no option to see through the report builder if the ticket has any tasks associated. (ITS TIcket 646757)
17211266   Data within square brackets is removed. Retain data within square brackets (ITS Ticket 11521)
Partially Resolved: Effective 6/19/2021; Data within square or carrot brackets is included direct ticket updates, but these brackets, is not included in the ticket if sent via an email reply to a ticket.
17249022   Make both Responsible Group and Responsible visible simultaneously on a form
17305518   Provide a User Impersonation Feature
17459918   Improve PPM Report Headers and Provide Details on Calculations in delivered PPM reports (ITS Ticket 734625)
17534629   Open Cards in Card View from My Work and Desktop (instead of opening cards to Task view from those locations) (ITS Ticket 771981)
17534751   Allow swimlanes/horizontal dividers in cardwalls to show responsibility or priority (ITS Ticket 771843)
17534858   Allow linking more than one task to an issue (ITS Ticket 771761)
17534938 3092290 Add Card Walls to Workspaces (ITS Ticket 771662)
17535024   Separate instances of PPM or visibility settings to regulate who can see projects managed by other departments/units in the same enterprise. (ITS Ticket 771519)
17550977   Change failed email retry process to (at least initially) attempt to use customized mail server options
17580344   Set a default client portal for links in notifications from a ticketing application
17610636   Add option to automatically notify responsible when comment added in TDnext.
17830639   Ability to make static content dependable on another attribute
17854122   Forced/Required Alt Text with Images on Client Portal
17931636   Allow status change in automation rules
17941538   The proxied text from external email address replies are confusing customers, especially those who are getting a notification back from their own reply.
17950499   Allow customizable subject lines (ITS Ticket 958062)
17950605   iFrame function in Knowledge (ITS Ticket 956633)
18022947   Allow Desktop publishing in Portal to be based on app admin role rather than current process of access to Analysis tool being the determiner of who can an cannot publish desktops on their client portal. (ITS ticket 1026220 Jen B/ULIB)
18047318   Text Wrap of Service Name on custom reports in TDNext
18109503   Ability to Report on Response Template use
18138515   Enable creation and editing of Response Templates through permission control
18264884   Ticket reporting for Previously Responsible Individual. When a ticket is assigned to a group, then a person, then a new group, there is no data on the Person it was assigned to The previous group data is retained, but not the person data. Need to know on an individual technician basis how many tickets passed to which groups (Amy H.)
18267179   Use Custom Attributes in Response Templates (OL ticketing app)
18267424   Report on Asset Relationships and Related Assets.
18398709   Allow multiple Knowledge Articles to be attached to one ticket
18398780   Process forwarded messages that include a reply token
18399113   Allow for bulk updates of Service field on tickets
18424184   Facilitate excluding system updated tickets from Reports (Bolger, Schell)
18434100   Cannot use a service account for email replies
18585843   Add support for duplicate emails in a monitor's Inbox. (P Hoang)
18606795 5720418 When you copy a URL into a comment as part of a sentence with a period after the URL, the URL will include the period as part of the URL on save. When users click on the URL it will now error since it contains the period.
Whenever a user pastes a URL into a comment, they must remember to put a space between the URL and any trailing punctuation. If they don't, the system will add the punctuation to the clickable URL (and shorten it so a user can't easily see the mistake), and many pages in TD will fail to resolve or will resolve to a No Permission page.
18661225   Allow for multiple attachment files to be added to the ticket on submit
18691239   Automatically notify ALL contacts including ticket created notification - also allow email addresses external to TDX to be added as contacts (ITS ticket 1390394)
18879223   Reporting: allow direct entry into Prompt field (instead of search, click to insert, etc) ITS Ticket 1399193
18919478   Ticket Type field not being popuplated automatically when a Service is selected if that Service has Service Offerings
18941544   Project start and end date validation includes weekends
18952924   Error messages in the email service log are not easily interpreted
18970751   Data point and measurable during a ticket lifecycle (LSA)
19063734   Ticket and Task reporting. Need a report with active tickets, or tasks assigned to a group. currently tasks still show, even if complete, if related ticket still open (MiWorkspace, DENT)
19107318   Allow for "night mode" or other color themes in addition to dark text on light background (ITS Ticket 1534519)
19144295   Sandbox to Production Migrations need to work at the App Admin level
19333830   Standardize include and exclude Services and Groups for configuration of Surveys. (ITS ticket 1700828)
19470143   Add entry to feed when email rule is applied, include email monitor ID in feed entry . Help track how emails are routed via email rules.
19520207   Add ability to 'pin' a feed so that particularly helpful feeds can be easily accessible in long tickets (ITS Ticket 1798717) (ITS Ticket 4342164)
19520253   Retain Protected Custom Attributes (PCAs) in Merged tickets ( ITS Ticket 1801710)
19520339   Add "Contacts" as a value under "Cascade" so that comments from parents can be sent to Contacts in addition to Responsible, Reviewer, Requestors and Creators (ITS Ticket 1811970)
19710027   Contact does not display the alternate email address when selecting from notify list, unlike how Requestor will display primary and alternate. (ARC/B.Fauber)
19724699   Make it easier to click the boxes when building reports (A. Hamermesh/Inc Manager)
19739656 855165 Have the ability to report on tickets when a technician added a comment and/or update. And to be able to have a count of comments and/or updates per technician. Add a +1 vote to TDX enhancement # 855165
19762982   A user is searching a keyword in the client portal home page search and it returns an article first in the list. But when the user searches for the same keyword in the Search within Knowledge Base then that specific article isn't listed until the second change. The general recommendation is to use the Knowledge Base search when you need to take advantage of the filtering options, but to use the site search when you're only performing a text-based search. (juliew/Knowledge)
19798255   Allow reporting on Services and Service Offerings in one report (PMO)
19801553   When using the text editor (see attachment) the numerical organized list enumerates 1,2,3,4 etc which is fine. However, when you indent within an organized list, the enumeration starts over at 1 within the sub-list. In order to correct this, the user has to manually change the sub-list values and adjust the organized list counts so that they are all accurate.The desired behavior is that the list follows the <ol type="1|a|A|i|I"> standard where the list would use a different enumerator within the organized list on sub-lists. (juliew/Knowledge)
19828740   Enable easy sharing of link to tickets in the portal (markmont)
19858113   Allow more granular control of notifications, including whether or not status is displayed, and where in the notification it is displayed (ITS Ticket 1996167)
19881315   Ticket workflow stage information (P Hoang)
19928307   Unable to filter on custom attributes of type 'person' in Asset Application
19935252   Add reporting Operator "has no value" for Asset Product Model. Asset Report on assets with no Product Model Value (workaround is to make a report where Product Model is not = to All Product Models (check the box for each existing Product Model, report returns None and those with a PM not in the list) ITS Ticket 2053721
20069047   Create an API for Tags. ITS Ticket 2143143
20122025   Submitting Ticket requests from portal with attachments too large: change error message
20149718   Facilitate use of Excel template to export and import asset data (ITS ticket 2227989)
20311147   Asset Application - Attribute Names / Reporting
20317712   Update a ticket when it is copied to indicate new tickets created from that ticket (iTS Ticket 2289625)
20494596   Enable email notifications for failure to connect to the monitored email inbox, instead of only logging connection errors in the log tab. M.Miller/LSA
20530016   "To Excel" button on My Approvals tab in Client Portal. ITS Ticket 2423178
20576677   Human friendly URLs to Portal content; Knowledge, Forms, Tickets, etc. ITS Ticket 2430123
20583361   Optionally include inactive records in Person custom attributes
20726698   Details of ticket missing after merging tickets
20827578   compare report columns against other columns
20922530   Reporting on Knowledge Feedback; Permissions
20951332   Email marked as processed and skipped since it recognized it as autogenerated but it's not autogenerated
21049725   Change search result weighting in TDNext
21066516   The URLs in a response template are being truncated
21219124   Do not display project tasks in global search unless user has access to the project with which the tasks are associated. ITS PMO ticket 3056039
21282986   Having to enter the requestor and asset in a new ticket created from an asset
21319917   Technician users removed from responsible groups should not continue to receive group notifications from old group
21406837   Have a setting on the Type level to disable Reviewer notifications
21429961   Operational Email Monitor in Sandbox & Release Preview
21488379   "Do not show this report in the navigator" - Is everyone or nobody, including report owner.
21600473   If an attachment added to an on Hold ticket in the portal with no comment or other fields added- update the status of the ticket and notify the Responsible . ITS ticket 3332460 (SSC)
21650104   Knowledge Base reporting - include associated Services ITS Ticket 3360947
21730304   Help text expansion on Ticket Edit View
21802773   Add option for Alt Text for inline images in comments and updates
21905263   Include the Ticket ID field in the search when a Technician searches the "Text" field (ITS ticket # 3565564/ssc). Related to a processes where an original ticket is copied, and that ticket ID is included in the title or description of related tickets. Technicians enter the original ticket number in the Text field of the ticket search and only the tickets with the ID in the title or description are returned, not the original ticket. Technicians must perform separate searches of the Ticket ID field and the Text field. This means Technicians are unable to use the search to filter for both the original and related tickets at the same time, so Technicians are also unable to update the original and related tickets using the bulk update feature
21914002   Allow desktops linked to templates to be copied so Technicians can modify linked Destkops (Amy H ITS)
22140130   Ability to adjust the width of report columns ITS Ticket ID 3837659
22192028   Members who are no longer in group receive notifications when requestors reply to old tickets
22307304   Ability to edit/customize messaging if no time type is associated to a ticket type
22355713   Allow to edit the custom attribute type.
22355713   Update reply token retrieval from email bodies to more gracefully handle malformed tokens
22393051   Would like to be able to add conditions or filters when using a webhook
22472150   Allow for Blank first name or last name fields, allow for punctuation, or other options for those with no first or last name values. ITS Ticket 4005683
22533315   Ability to filter on custom person attributes in TDNext > Asset > green filter on top right > Custom Fields
22575129   Configure application report folders in left nav to remember state (expanded / collapsed)
22585067   Ability to search for text within attachments of a ticket.
22659309   Count a draft summary change as a separate revision made by the use who changed the draft summary
22879361   Allow multiple groups or UIDs for workflow step:
22895945   Add ability to further customize the client portal banner pages (ITS Ticket 4414748)
23063563   In addition to the existing feature of adding TDX users who were Cc'd as contacts, capture all To and Cc email addresses and add to the ticket. Capture non-TDX users/email addresses and add the information to the ticket description or feed. Make as an optional app level setting or each monitor.
23128416   If a user clicks Edit Article > Update Article without actually making any revisions, do not change the Modified field.
23233374   enhanced Survey results reporting, including ability to report results by month, and details on Service ITS Ticket 4674043
23280765   Expand Google Drive Connector in iPaaS, ITS Request Ticket #4710010
23470393   Provide the ability to link tickets together in a sibling-type relationship.
23500799   Report Ticket duration that excludes 'on hold' and reports active time a ticket was open (ITS Ticket 4836448)
23576129   Client Portal improvements: Add Contacts, Add "other email addresses' filter tickets by Custom Attributes. ITS TIcket # 4887154
23612857   Prevent technicians from closing a ticket with open tasks and/or approval
23866152   When a ticket has its ticket type changed, or move a ticket to another app, allow the new ticket type to have its time types applied to the ticket.
23880093   Add the capability to configure the 'Ticket Resolution/Closure Settings' on a service level. Make the setting optional to configure it at the global level or service level.
24131767   Allow the attachments added to a comment that causes a new ticket to be automatically created (due to ticket closure settings) to be included in the new ticket instead of just the original ticket.
24131767   When a new ticket is created because a customer responds to a closed ticket beyond the threshold (9 days for ITS Tickets) and the response creating the new ticket contains an attachment, the attachment is included in the original ticket, but not the new ticket The attachment should be included in the new ticket
24152414   Being able to make standard ticket tasks outside of workflows wait for completion would be helpful especially when creating tasks via the API & iPaaS flows
24213113   Accessibility issues in PPM
24257657   Make the process run more frequently so that the workflow timer steps less than 5 minutes can run accordingly
24387861   Forms that support electronic signatures.
24498498   On the tickets asset tab, show asset ID instead of CI ID
24686379   Add download all button for attachments in a ticket.
22805487   Add ability to 'pin' a feed so that particularly helpful feeds can be easily accessible in long tickets (ITS Ticket 1798717) (ITS Ticket 4342164)
24799450   Hidden attribute is still displaying when it has a value
24790577   Bulk delete tickets
24636271   Update to Bootstrap 4
24395715   Task Report Sorting
24377088   Turn off Article Feed
24205478   Error Creating tickets with files too large
24147906   Workflow Task Responsibility
24056380   Allow report visibility details in API response
24007207   Handle Auto-Generated Emails Differently
24005811   Improvement suggestions for iPaaS comments
23877599   Accessibility Question about link styling
23849978   Add support for additional SLA models
23849811   When an email reply has CCs, if they are not users, add them to the ticket
23825192   iPaaS UI can't paste any data
23757136   Increase the size of the KB content area
23681910   TDX is blocking indexing of hastag search results
23617408   Add 'Connection Status' in Database Connectors to Powershell & SSH Connectors
23587011   Ticket created without the email body content
23558093   Frustration with New Connector & Credential Config.
23459265   Ability to report on feed entries
23385581   Experiencing slowness with iPaaS webhooks
23349833   Receiving error when testing iPaaS credential that needs to use proxy server
23318825   Create an endpoint for individual user desktop management
23272378   Editing a PCA Value on a ticket
23059239   Allow Users to View New Versions 'Pre-Release'
22826026   Page load timing out when trying to update the flow and version for an iPaaS step - Preview
22805487   Important Ticket info hard to locate in long feeds
22794627   Allow API calls to Update App Admin / IsAdministrator
22675799   Bulk Merge Into
22662027   Add a Credentials Vault - Allow Credentials to be Limited by Application / Role
22625121   Alternate ID - display as a standard value of Requestor on tickets
22541016   In Test Mode - Change the Color of the Flow Step 'Test Tube' Indicator
22504864   Adding Stakeholders to a project template
22492572   Rich Text for Cardwalls
22338651   Connector Iteration - Additional Keys added to Amazon Connect
22280604   Calendar feeds from TDX to Google Calendar
22271426   TDX Functional Role Automatic Update to Existing Projects
22176458   Attempt to retrieve reply tokens from any attachments on the email when a token can't be found in the headers/body
22164792   Change ticket creation error screen when it's due to size restriction
22155753   Creating maintenance activities on ticket from the API
22154042   Mobile push notifications
22085404   Update reply token retrieval from email bodies to more gracefully handle malformed tokens
21966134   duplicate tickets created by one email to multiple monitors
21945950   Feature to 'select all' in a filtered list, for bulk updates, ticket creation, etc
24790577   Would like to: Option to bulk delete tickets, API to delete tickets, provide application level access to delete tickets. So this doesn't restrict it to global admins only
24385780   Add a line break above the attachment added blurb in ticket comments/updates
24863509   No Active User Indicator in Asset Record
24923236   Allow for persistent Print settings within Tickets
24954047   Add time stamps to modified attributes within tickets.
24971506   Facilitate technician knowing if comments are customer visible or not. Include a visual indicator such as a different background color on the Comments section to indicate if comments will be emailed to the customer or not. ALso move "make public" closer to the "notify" to make it easier to both publish comments to the portal and email the requestor. ITS Ticket 5924397
25083347   Add support for dl, dd, and dt tags when emails are processed
25218176   Allow the standard attributes to be configured as 'Updatable' allowing it to be an attribute you can update within the update action page.
25320410   If the asset/ci is set as required on the form selected when entering a scheduled ticket then set the asset/ci attribute as reqired on the scheduled ticket form.
25362989   Request to add a date sort parameter to the API methods to get or search for KB articles
25362977   Request to add RSS feeds to KB articles
25362936   Would ilke to add a new "Hyperlink" attribute type for Knowledge and Ticket attributes
25372694   Add a notify owner feedback similar to knowledge to the service page feed. So when a user adds a comment they can just click the button to send a notification to the owner. Restrict the ability to view service feed entry, it becomes cluttered with all the actions and comments.
25425847   Either allow adding custom links to the menu - and hiding system links -, or to allow hiding the menu bar altogether so the page header code can contain a custom nav bar.
25425895   a) add a custom HTML attribute to categories that is displayed below the category description; b) allow HTML in the category description; c) create a widget to display article sub-categories in custom pages, so we can customize the page but still have the list of articles and sub-categories with descriptions under it just like any other category page would.
25425880   Add the ability to alias a page so the URL could be something like /code, which is more SEO friendly.
25475963   Request to allow a widget or some way to capture html text dynamically within a knowledge article. Would like to have a widget or some way to capture this dynamically where it only needs to be updated in one location and not in each individual article.
25549952     Allow creation of Maintenance Activity Tasks as part of a workflow. ITS Ticket 6376610
25520739   Allow a service type of iPaaS (or something else similar) so you can set a form to just use/embed an iPaaS form rather than putting an iPaaS form into a form as a static HTML field. The goal is to not have the service form's regular Submit button at the bottom as the iPaaS form's controls will be used instead.
25660433   When changing the description + other fields in a ticket edit, there should be something in the feed that indicates the description was changed
25710443   When a new ticket is created from a reply to a closed ticket, the reply that caused the new ticket creation should be listed first on the new ticket
25790465   Allow entering a Request Type within a Service when using Request Application=Link. Resulting in the Type to autofill within a ticket when the Service is selected on a generic request form.
X22128836 Complete Better handling of images in email signatures/inline images (Community of Practice/SPH)
X24385780 Complete Added attachment text format does not have space or new line with existing text. Format for easier and better view.
Done 5/11/24 Do not default to "Remove all existing tasks" when a task template is applied. Default to NOT remove tasks, or allow admin to set default. (ITS Ticket 460037)
X 11588109 Complete DONE 6/19/2021 Add "Location" and "Room" type custom attributes.
X 12692465 Complete DONE 6/19/2021 Web Service User Permissions
X 13591912 Complete DONE 6/19/2021 Enable 2FA/MFA authentication on non-SSO accounts (ITS Ticket 2082)
X 13689105 Complete New feature in TDX effective 11.4 11/18/21 Application Level Email Settings Settings for outbound email and email replies can now be configured at the organization level and within ticketing, asset/CI, and client portal applications. The organization-level settings will be used unless a specific application has customized its settings.
X 14565308 Complete DONE 4/9/2022 Include CC information in tickets created via email service or email monitors
X 15503170 Complete DONE 6/19/2021URL in template is truncated in feed view (ntrinka)
X 16406334 No Action NO Action: Vendor advised this cannot be done in a single report. Provide code or ability to copy delivered TDX reports (ticket aging & ticket history).
X 16732281 Workaround Work Around: Use TeamDynamix "Analysis" application to report on this data
Tickets worked by Technicians who are no longer active in TDX are not included in Reports. Work abound is to use Analysis app for reporting. ITS Ticket 548809/550494
X 17812837 Complete DONE: Hide the email service account as selectable in the dropdown of the 'Notify'. Updating email monitor accounts to use Gsuite API for autorization will resolve this issue. These updates to email monitor accounts are scheduled for Summer/Fall 2021.
X12642810 Complete Done November 2022 Asset Management API - Partial Asset Record Update via endpoint
X13039975 Complete When a task gets assigned to a group it does not send out a notification
X13688807 Complete FIXED 11.4 11/21 - option for custom from addrsses Allow multiple outbound email addresses
X13766737 Complete Report sharing and emailing to people and groups. resolved by 11.8 10/28/23
X14481892 Complete DONE 7/2022 (11.5) HTML Emails via Email Monitor
X14565230   formatted response templates - AVAILABLE 5/13/23 11.7
X14565230 Complete FIXED! 8/6/22 11.5 Formatted outbound communications/ HTML formatted response templates
X14565277 786387 Resolved with 11.8 Log file attachment uploading/deletion to the feed for the ticket. When an attachment is added, changed or deleted, create a feed entry describing the change. ITS Ticket # 429091.
X14811881 Complete FIXED 11.6 - option to allow transfers to an app to which you don't have access Push tickets from one ticketing application to another
X15064789 Complete Include in notifications a list of all of the people who were notified - AVAILABLE 5/13/23 11.7
x16673490 Complete Optional Update AND Assign to Me/Take REsponsibility resolved by 11.8 10/28/23
X16673490   Resolved with 11.8 Optional Update AND Assign to Me/Take REsponsibility
X17631412 Complete FIXED 11.6 Group Ownership of Reports!Multiple Owners or Editors of a Report
X17852962   fixed 3/9/23 Issue with default value when using a form in an email rule
X18477053 Complete FIXED 11.6 12/22Create a ticket from Knowledge Feedback (ITS Ticket 1220222)
X19872410 Complete DONE 4/9/22 As of April 2022 there is now a scroll bar when selecting "switch portal" this scroll bar allows customers to scroll the full list of all portals in alpha order. Prior to this the "Switch Portal" function in the Client Portal was truncating the drop-down to first 30 client portals. Reported by (SOE)
X20501391 2351798 fixed 3/9/23 Display default values on tickets created using a form via API. Currently, if you set a default in a form and create a ticket via API, the default value does not display on the form unless the Technician selects "edit" then saves the ticket.
X21770789 Complete DONE 10/28/23 Client Portal Users cannot select unrelated assets - new option 11.8
X21802845 Complete DONE 12/17/22 now a ticket can be created from a list of up to 100 assets. Previously maxed out at 10. Allow ticket to be created by > 10 assets
X23555489 Complete DONE 10/28/23 Include file name in the feed when a file is included in an attachment (ITS Ticket 4887262) Log file attachment uploading/deletion to the feed for the ticket. When an attachment is added, changed or deleted, create a feed entry describing the change. ITS Ticket # 429091
resolved by 11.8 10/28/23
X5108233 Complete DONE 12/17/22 Tickets that go from Closed to Pending go back to closed when comment added. Allow configurable rules to allow setting the new status when a comment gets added, instead of always reverting to the prior status, which doesn't work for CLOSED tickets.
X13651132 Complete DONE 9/20/23Allow independent refreshes across ticketing applications
X14364057 Complete DONE Auto Refresh on ticket applications (LSA)
X21734113 Complete iPaaS Dashboard Configuration - Individual Flow Metrics
X22712901 Complete Add Google Docs and Google Calendar to the list of standard connectors within iPaaS


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