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How do I request access to TeamDynamix? What is the approval process and what are approval groups?


ITS staff process requests for TDX access using the ITS TeamDynamix Access form. Once submitted, the form routes to the approval team for the appropriate Ticketing Application (ITS, LSA, SSC, etc.). If you receive an access denial notification, you can contact the Ticketing Application's approval group for more information.

Filling out the form:

  1. Indicate whether you are removing or adding access
  2. Indicate which Ticketing Application the request applies to (ITS, LSA, SS, etc.)
    1. Note: Technician access is automatically provisioned for all active ITS staff, no form needed.
  3. List the name(s) 
  4. List the reason
  5. Click Save at the top of the form

Once the request has been submitted, it is routed to the appropriate group for approval. If the request is approved, workflow automation will complete the request and notify the requestor.

Denied Request

The requestor will be notified if the request is denied. In this case, the requestor can follow up with the approval group of Ticketing Application for details on why the request was denied. 

Approval Groups

Current access approval groups for each TeamDynamix ticketing application:

  • TDX-AAUM-AccessApproval
  • TDX-Campus-AccessApproval
  • TDX-CLaSP-AccessApproval
  • TDX-CLaSP-HR-AccessApproval
  • TDX-CLaSP-SHRG-AccessApproval   
  • TDX-CLaSP-StudentServices-AccessApproval    
  • TDX-CoE-AccessApproval    
  • TDX-CoE-ME-IT-AccessApproval    
  • TDX-DENT-AccessApproval    
  • TDX-DENT-HR-AccessApproval    
  • TDX-DEV-AccessApproval    
  • TDX-DialysisData-AccessApproval    
  • TDX-DMCA-AccessApproval    
  • TDX-DPSS-AccessApproval    
  • TDX-ENG-ADV-AccessApproval    
  • TDX-FIN-AccessApproval    
  • TDX-FLINT-ITS-AccessApproval    
  • TDX-FLINT-ODE-AccessApproval    
  • TDX-FOIS-AccessApproval    
  • TDX-GRIP-AccessApproval    
  • TDX-IC-AccessApproval    
  • TDX-ISR-AccessApproval    ISR HR TDx group
  • TDX-ISR-HR-AccessApproval    
  • TDX-ITS-VirtualAssets-AccessApproval    
  • TDX-KRESGE-AccessApproval    
  • TDX-LSA-AccessApproval    
  • TDX-LSA-Advancement-AccessApproval    
  • TDX-LSA-FO-AccessApproval    
  • TDX-MIStart-AccessApproval    
  • TDX-MMDev-AccessApproval    
  • TDX-OL-AccessApproval    
  • TDX-PPM-AccessApproval    
  • TDX-RADIO-AccessApproval    
  • TDX-RRO-AccessApproval    
  • TDX-SEAS-AccessApproval    
  • TDX-SL-AccessApproval    
  • TDX-SL-CIC-AccessApproval    
  • TDX-SL-PALM-AccessApproval    
  • TDX-SL-UU-AccessApproval    
  • TDX-SOE-AccessApproval    
  • TDX-SPH-AccessApproval    
  • TDX-SSC-AccessApproval    
  • TDX-ULIB-AccessApproval    
  • TDX-UMECC-AccessApproval    
  • TDX-UMMA-AccessApproval    

Additional Information

Need additional information or assistance? Submit a request here ITS-TeamDynamix Support.

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