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I want to embed a URL to direct my users to a service request form. How do I figure out the URL?


The URL will differ depending on whether you are directing someone to TDNext or to the Client Portal. Since Technicians will most often be in TDNext already or can easily log in and find a respective form, this article is specifically for directing Users/Customers to a specific Service Form in the Client Portal. 

You will need to know:

  1. The Client Portal App ID
  2. The Service ID - OR - The Form GUID

Using the Service ID

  • Identify the Service ID
    • If you are an Admin, you can identify the Service ID from within the Services listing in the Client Portal Admin area
    • If you are not an Admin, you can identify the Service ID by navigating to the Service Page on your client portal
    • The Service ID is in the Details section
  • To create the URL for the form, replace the first numbers in the URL with your Client Portal App ID and the ending numbers with the Service ID.  

Using the Form GUID

  • Locate the service page in the service catalog on your Client Portal and then click on Request
  • Once the form is displayed, you will see a string of letters and numbers following an equal (=) sign at the end. This string is a static GUID value for that form. You can copy the URL from the browser.
  • Note: The request form must first be associated with the service in the Service Catalog.
  • Ex: Client Portal App ID = 30, Service ID = 38. The Request Form has been associated with the Service in the catalog.

Additional Information

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