Merging TeamDynamix Tickets


ITS Ticketing Application in TeamDynamix


When and how should tickets be merged in TeamDynamix?


When to merge: As a guiding principal, tickets should only be merged if they are from the same person about the same occurrence of the same issue

How to merge:

  1. Decide which ticket you want to keep, this will be the "destination" ticket.
  2. Navigate to ticket you do not want to keep, this is the "source" ticket
  3. Select  Actions -> Merge Into
  4. Enter ID of ticket you want to keep (destination) in "to ticket"
  5. Check boxes to 
    1. Add Requestor as a contact
    2. Move ticket tasks
    3. Notify Responsible resource
  6. Save
  7. Email the customer from the "Destination" ticket, so they can reply to the open ticket (if they reply to the source ticket, their email will go no-where)

Additional Information

Merging a tickets will reassociate the following items from the source ticket to the destination ticket

  • Feed Entries
  • Attachments
  • Assets/CIs
  • Alerts
  • Time Types
  • Expense Accounts
  • Time Entries
  • Expense Entries

After these items have been reassociated, the source ticket will be deleted. This will discard read-only information fields on the source ticket, although a feed entry containing the title and description of the source ticket will be written to the destination ticket. 

Need additional information or assistance? Submit a request here ITS-TeamDynamix Support

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