TeamDynamix Admins: About Workflows and the Approval Process




TeamDynamix Administrators need to know about workflows and the approval process.


Access Workflow Tools

  • TDAdmin > Applications > Ticketing application > Workflows
  • TDAdmin > Client Portal application > Services

Workflow Definition

In TeamDynamix, ticket workflows are typically used to trigger tasks and actions that automate the approval and fulfillment process requests must go through. Workflows allow tickets to branch out for various tasks and actions; for example, approval workflows can branch out to various roles. Workflows can prioritize, assign and escalate a ticket, and allow the use of Web Services within and outside of TeamDynamix.

Usually a workflow is created by an admin and is assigned to a ticket automatically when the ticket is created.  At times, a technician may attach a workflow directly to a ticket if a wrong form is being changed to the correct form. 

Automated assigned workflows must be defined either:

  • In an Automation Rule that assigns a workflow based on certain conditions
    • Automation Rules allow you to specify actions that take place when a ticket is created
  • As a default workflow on a service
    • TDAdmin > Client Portal application > Services
  • In an API

Admins can create steps for a workflow process using the drag and drop workflow builder.

Approval Workflows

Workflows can be used to get approval or rejection on actions such as granting access. Each approval workflow that is applied has a status. This status is separate from the status of the ticket itself. The possible statuses of a workflow are:

  • In Process
  • Approved
  • Rejected

As soon as a ticket is assigned to a workflow, the status of the workflow is In Process. (This does not affect the status of the ticket itself -- only the workflow that is applied to the ticket.) A workflow becomes Approved as soon as it reaches the final Approve step. Similarly, a workflow becomes Rejected as soon as it reaches the final Reject step. This takes place regardless of whether there are other steps still active.
When the last step of a workflow is completed, the requestor and reviewer are both notified via email of the approval (if the workflow has an Approval Status configured for the ticket).

Additional Information

Detailed steps for creating workflows can be found in this video: For Admins: Configure workflow 

In addition to technician and admins, there is a role that is devoted just to approvals called the Workflow Approvar Role: ​​​​​​​Approving and Rejecting TDX Tickets and the Workflow Approver Role

Need additional information or assistance? Submit a request here: ITS-TeamDynamix Support.

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