Creating a Report of My Group's Assigned Tickets




Need a report that conveniently shows all tickets assigned to my group


This report will allow you to create a TDX report that shows all tickets assigned to your group.

  1. Open your department's ticketing app (TDNext)
  2. Click the ITS Tickets tab
    1. (If you don't see the ITS Tickets tab, click the blue waffle tab in the upper left-hand corner and then find and click the ITS Tickets button.  You will only need to do this the first time you use ITS Tickets.)
  3. Click Reports along the top
  4. Open My Group's Assigned Tickets 
    1. You must make a copy and add a filter for your groups
  5. Open the Action menu and select Copy
  6. Change the name to something that represents your group, e.g., ITS PMO Group Assigned Tickets
    1. Others won’t see it because you created it
  7. Click Save
  8. In the ticketing app, click Reports along the top to see the new report you created
  9. Click to open your newly named report
  10. Click Actions and choose Edit
  11. Go to the "Add Filtering to your Report" section and do the following steps to change the value of the Resp Group Column
  12. Click the red X next to the Resp Group Value to remove existing departments
  13. Click the search icon next to the Resp Group Value
  14. Search for your group and put a check mark next to your group. (Start typing to see a list). You can add more than one group
  15. Click Insert Checked
  16. To add more groups to the report, repeat the steps 12 and 14
  17. Under Visibility, you can choose to be the owner yourself or have it be owned by someone else and/or a group.
  18. Click Save at the top of the window
  19. To add the new report to your desktop:
    1. Click the Desktop tab along the top
    2. Click Edit Desktop
    3. Find the new report in the left-hand column of Available Content
    4. Click the report
    5. Click the black 4-way arrow icon that's with the report
    6. Select which column to show the report in
    7. Once in place, you can drag the report to another locations
    8. Click Save near the top

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