Using TeamDynamix Tags




How to create and use tags to search for and group items in TeamDynamix.


Using Tags

Tags in TeamDynamix can be used to group and report out on work items (incident, request, knowledge, problem, change) with a descriptive keyword.

You can use any search field to search for items by tags. 

Creating Tags

Before Creating a new Tag - look to see if a similar tag already exists. To create a new tag, type it into the Tags field and select the corresponding tag suggestion (the first one). Then click Save. This will create a new tag from the provided keyword and associate it with the item. Users can specify any number of tags to associate with an item. In addition, tags can be created without work item association. 

Tag Naming Restrictions

Spaces are not supported in tags, in order to create a tag with multiple words use a hyphen (i.e. "account-import" rather than "account import). Hyphens within tags will be treated as spaces in search results. Tag names also must contain at least one alpha character. Tags consisting only of numbers are not supported, and will disappear after clicking Save.

Additional Information

Need additional information or assistance? Submit a request here ITS-TeamDynamix Support

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