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How do I use the TeamDynamix import tool?


This knowledge article explains how to use the TDX Import Tool to import tickets to TDX from other ticketing applications. Details specific to ServiceNow can be found in the last section.  Because the field names in the various systems usually do not match, you will need to make manual adjustments and possibly do some trial and error.

STEP A – Download the Import Template

  1. Go to TeamDynamix > Select Users > Select ITS Tickets (or another ticketing app)
  2. In the upper right-hand corner of the page, select the settings gear, and then Ticket Import.
  3. Review the instructions and explanations.
  4. In the section titled “Download the Import Template,” click to download the example import template.

This import template is an Excel file with all the possible TeamDynamix ticket fields. The cells in many columns have a down arrow with a menu where you can select options. If the field is restricted to a specific content, you can also see how field values must be formatted.  

You can delete from the template any columns for data that you will not be importing.

STEP B – Export the tickets to Excel

  1. In the system from which you'd like to import, search for the tickets you plan to download and import.
  2. Click the filter and add or remove fields that will not be part of the TDX ticket.   
  3. Export your ticket list to Excel by right-clicking on any column header.

STEP C – Copy and paste the data from the downloaded Excel sheet to the TDX template

In some of these columns, you will have to manually change the formatting of the field value.

NOTE:  See below, for some field name equivalents and form attribute information specific to ServiceNow.

Here are some formatting requirements.  You will be alerted when a value is not valid.  

Field Formatting
Urgency One word: Low, Medium or High
Priority One word: Low, Medium or High
Description Cannot contain html
Names name <email>
Locations location <room:number>

STEP D – Upload the Excel TDX template

In the “Ticket Import: Step 1” window of the Import Tool, upload the Excel file: click Browse at the bottom of the window, choose the file, and then click Next at the top of the window.  It’s a good idea to start by uploading the file to the Sandbox to validate that everything works as expected.

STEP E – Use the import wizard

  1. In the “Ticket Import: Step 2” window, click the uploaded sheet to select it. (It may simply be listed as “Ticket".)
    1. You’ll see a blue line around the field when it is selected.
  2. Click Next at the top of the window.
    1. The “Ticket Import: Step 3” window is where you will select the TDX field equivalents for each column.
    2. For any fields from Title to Affiliation that you will not use, choose Skip.  You cannot skip the 4 fields with asterisks.
  3. Click Next at the top of the window.
    1. At the bottom of the “Step 4: Preview” window, you’ll see any errors in yellow.  For most errors, you'll need to fix the template spreadsheet and go through the process again.  It may take a few tries.
  4. If it progresses with no errors, click Next at the top of the window.   In the next window, click Import.

Hints and Tips

The loader does a lot of validation before it ever attempts to load the data. As such, steps in the process add additional wait times and the entire process can be slow to complete.  Deleting columns you will not need can speed up the import significantly.

Field Equivalents and Form Attributes for ServiceNow

Field name equivalents

ServiceNow TeamDynamix
Short Description Title
Comments Description
Assigned to Responsible User
Assignment Group Responsible Group

Form attributes

You will need to include a column(s) for the associated attributes, e.g., afs_ or api_directory_, that will need to be on the ticket in TDX.  To do this, you can check the ticket type in TDX to see which attributes it includes, add columns for those, and find the equivalents on the ServiceNow ticket.

Additional Information

Need additional information or assistance? Submit a request here ITS-TeamDynamix Support

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