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TeamDynamix Project Portfolio Management (PPM)


What roles are available for the TeamDynamix PPM service?


People, Roles, and Permissions

ITS will provide 3 roles for the TeamDynamix PPM service: Unit Project Team Member, Unit Project Manager, and Unit PPM Lead.

Unit Project Team Member

  • Can see and work on only the projects and tasks assigned to them
  • Can include U-M Staff and Sponsored Affiliates
  • View all accounts/departments
  • View People from all accounts/departments
  • Task Permissions
    • ​​​​​​Add tasks
    • Add time to my tasks only
    • Edit Plans
    • Edit Tasks
    • Set the completion date of a task
    • Update my assigned tasks only
    • Update Tasks
  • Project Permissions
    • View project resources report
    • View time detail report
    • View time summary report
  • Issue Permissions
    • Can add issues
    • Can edit issues
    • Can update issues

Unit Project Manager

  • Can see and work on only the projects and tasks assigned to them
  • Can view other people's assignments and schedule project efforts
  • Strictly U-M staff only
  • View all accounts/departments 
  • View people from all accounts/departments ​​​​​
  • Task Permissions
    • Update task
    • Set the completion date of the task
    • Edit tasks
    • Edit plans
    • Delete plans
    • Can edit baseline plans and tasks
    • Add tasks
    • Add plans
  • Risk Permissions
    • Add Risks
    • Edit Risks
    • Move Risks
    • Update Risks
  • Projects Permissions
    • Can move files between projects and workspaces
    • Modify initial project values
  • Issue Permissions
    • Add Issues
    • Delete Issues
    • Edit Issues
    • Move Issues
    • Update Issues

Unit PPM Lead

  • All permissions from the roles above
  • The ability to create new projects and project templates for the unit
  • Strictly U-M staff only

Additional Information

TeamDynamix PPM Service Page

Need additional information or assistance? Submit a request here ITS-TeamDynamix Support.

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